How To Subscribe To Disney Plus

Disney Plus

How To Subscribe To Disney Plus

If you are looking for a streaming service for the family to spend your evenings watching highly successful films and TV series together, from Disney classics to the Marvel universe to the brand new film adaptation of The Little Mermaid and the Elemental cartoon, don’t worry. Look no further than Disney Plus.  The platform is, in fact, one of the best on the market. It allows you to watch from a very wide range of devices, including phones, smart TVs, and connected devices.

But how do you subscribe to Disney Plus? Let’s find out together, as well as try to understand how to give the subscription as a gift and share it (and, if you’re not satisfied, also how to deactivate Disney+ ), but not before remembering to take a look at our in-depth analysis on how to watch Disney Plus for free.

What Is Disney Plus

Launched in 2019 but arriving in Italy only in March 2020, Disney Plus has quickly carved out an increasingly important space in the video streaming landscape. The platform is, in fact, an on-demand streaming service created by The Walt Disney Company.  Although its catalog differs from Netflix’s, what it loses in terms of numbers, it gains in quality, not to mention the company’s great classics. Speaking of quality, depending on your Disney Plus subscription, you can watch content in up to 4K UHD and HDR with Dolby Atmos audio. 

Furthermore, like any self-respecting streaming platform, Disney Plus is incredibly versatile. It allows its users to access it across a broad spectrum of devices, which include browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad, Amazon Fire tablets, Windows 10 and 11 tablets and computers, as well as connected devices such as Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android set-top boxes, and consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. 

Smart TVs cannot be missing, and among those supported, we include those with Android TV, Hisense, LG with WebOS, Panasonic, and Samsung with Tizen. Also, if you are looking for other ways to watch Disney Plus on TV, the service supports viewing via HDMI and AirPlay. 

How Much Does Disney Plus Cost

Disney Plus no longer offers a free trial for a limited period, so the only way you can try the service is to subscribe to one of the paid plans. But how much does Disney cost? At the time of writing, the platform offers three subscriptions, each different in quality. Both video and audio are supported, and simultaneous playback, offline viewing, and advertising are possible. 

The Standard plan with advertising costs 5.99 euros per month and allows you to view content in Full HD, with 5.1 surround sound, and on up to two devices simultaneously, but without the possibility of downloading content for offline viewing. Furthermore, as the name suggests, the plan shows advertising to users in approximately four minutes for every hour of viewing.

The Standard plan costs 8.99 euros per month or 89.90 euros per year if billed annually. It has the same characteristics as the Standard plan with advertising, with the difference that it does not offer advertising and allows offline viewing of content. In this case, keep in mind that the contents will remain on the device for the duration of the subscription (some may only be available for a limited period, and others may not be available for download). 

However, you must connect to the device at least every 30 days and cannot download content on over ten devices. Finally, the Premium plan, at 11.90 euros per month or 119.90 euros per year, brings the quality up to 4K UHD, with support for HDR and Dolby Atmos. It also allows simultaneous viewing on a maximum of 4 devices. You can change plans whenever you want and cancel without obligation. However, the cancellation will only take effect at the end of the current billing period.

Disney Plus Subscription: How Many Devices

In the first chapter, we listed the devices supported by Disney Plus, while in the previous chapter, we listed the features and prices of the various Disney Plus plans. Here, we mentioned that depending on the plan, you will be able to see the contents simultaneously on a certain number of devices. In fact, Disney Plus does not allow account sharing outside the family unit, but there are limitations even inside. 

The service allows you to create up to seven profiles for family members, which can be managed from your favorite supported device. Whether you can watch at the same time depends on your plan.  Without prejudice to the fact that we are always talking about sharing within the family unit, with the Standard plans, with and without advertising, you can simultaneously view the contents on a maximum of two devices.  If you want to access the platform simultaneously on multiple devices, you must upgrade to the Premium plan, which allows you to do so on up to four devices.

How Yo Subscribe To Disney Plus

Once these aspects have been clarified, you should know how to subscribe to Disney Plus. The procedure can be done from the website, telephone, and connected devices such as Chromecast with Google, Fire TV Stick, or others. Let’s find out how to do it, anticipating that the procedure is very similar for everyone, as it involves registering on the platform, subscribing to one of the plans, with monthly or annual billing (you can also do it at a later time), and inserting payment data. 

From Browser

If you are using a computer or a device equipped with a browser, you can easily register through the Disney Plus website. Launch a browser and go to this address. Then, enter your email address in the field in the center of the page and click on the blue Subscribe Now button.

On the next page, check the appropriate box to choose whether or not to receive communications from Disney Plus. Then click Continue, and you will be required to accept the terms of service (General Subscription Conditions).

Click Accept and Continue, enter your account password in the appropriate field, then click Continue again. Now, a screen will appear, allowing you to choose the subscription plan. Click on the one you prefer, Standard with advertising, Standard, or Premium, and then you can proceed with the payment. Enter your credit card or PayPal details, then click on Start watching to complete the procedure, at the end of which your subscription will be active.  You can start viewing the platform’s contents from the devices of your choice by logging in with your newly registered account.

By Phone

Do you prefer to subscribe to Disney Plus from your phone or tablet? In this case, you must first install the app from the App Store or Play Store, launch it, and choose your preferred privacy settings. On the next screen, click on the Subscribe Now button, and then you can enter your email and decide whether or not to receive special offers and updates on the platform. On the page that appears, tap Continue to create a password. 

Then tap the Continue button to accept the terms of service.  At this point, select the type of subscription you prefer, and you can purchase the app using the pre-set payment service (Play Store or App Store).  Once the procedure has been completed, you will be notified that your subscription has been activated, and you can start watching the platform’s content. Let’s see how to do it from various devices.

From Connected Device

Finally, you can subscribe to Disney Plus from a connected device: a Fire TV Stick, Chromecast with Google TV, a console, or Apple TV.  The procedure changes depending on the type of device. You could complete registration and subscription via the store or be sent to the Disney Plus site to access it via your computer or phone.  Go to your device and enter the app store (this procedure could happen on Apple TV).

Search for and download the Disney Plus app, launch it, and click the Subscribe Now button.  If your device allows you to subscribe directly, you can enter your email and choose whether to receive updates from Disney Plus by selecting the relevant checkbox. Click on Continue and enter a password. Click Continue, accept the terms of service, and make an in-app purchase.

Alternatively, your device may provide instructions to sign up, with a URL that you enter into your computer or phone’s browser. At this point, on your device (computer or phone), enter the 8-digit code you see on the TV, then enter your email address. 

Please select whether to subscribe to the Disney Plus newsletter, click Continue to create a password, and then click Continue again to accept the terms of service.  Now enter your payment details, either a credit card or PayPal, click on Subscribe, and you will be subscribed to Disney Plus. The device connected to the TV will be synced to the service, and you can immediately start watching available content. We refer you to our dedicated guide if you wish to cancel your subscription.

From Sky

Do you want to know how to subscribe to Disney Plus from Sky? The procedure is identical to that indicated in the first paragraph of this chapter, i.e., from the browser.  Disney Plus is not a service offered by Sky, but an app that you can use from Sky Q and Sky Glass after activating the subscription, which is unavailable on Sky Go. To do this, go to the Disney Plus website, register, and sign up for a plan. Then, open the Disney Plus app on your Sky device.

On Sky Q, you can find it in My Q and the Apps section, or you can access it using Sky Q voice control by pressing the microphone button and saying the command ” Open Disney Plus.” Next, log in with your account and start viewing the contents. If you have Sky Glass, you can find Disney Plus by going to the app, input, and digital terrestrial section menu. Alternatively, you can access it using the Sky Glass voice assistant by saying ” Hello Sky ” and then ” Open Disney Plus.”

How To Give A Disney Plus Subscription As A Gift

Do you want to know how to give a Disney Plus subscription as a gift? Subscription cards are the solution. Subscription cards (Gift Cards) are physical or digital cards you can purchase and give to friends and relatives. The cards do not expire, and the subscription is only activated upon redemption, which allows those who receive them to activate it whenever they prefer.

Two types of cards allow you to purchase one year of Disney Plus Standard for €89.90 or 3 months of Disney Plus Standard subscription for €26.97. Before seeing how to purchase them, however, keep in mind that subscription cards have eligibility requirements:

  1. New subscribers or those wishing to reactivate a Disney+ subscription can only redeem them. If you already have an active Disney+ subscription, you cannot apply the card amount to that subscription.
  2. They cannot be redeemed through third-party billing partners but must be redeemed directly through Disney.
  3. They must be redeemed in the same country in which they were purchased.

To purchase a subscription card, you can go to selected stores (keep the purchase receipt because it contains the redemption code needed to activate the subscription). To redeem a Gift Card, however, if the code is printed on the receipt, you must go to the appropriate site, enter the redemption code (in the Enter code field ), and then click on the Redeem button. Next, follow the onscreen instructions to create or log in to your account and start watching Disney Plus. If the code is printed on the back of the card, you can redeem it by gently scratching the silver box on the back of the subscription card.

The redemption code will appear. Now, go to the Pay Worldwide website (if a warning appears, click Yes, continue) and enter the card code, your email address, confirm it, and the security characters. Next, read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, tick the relevant item, and click the orange Continue button.   Now follow the onscreen instructions to create or log in to your account and start watching Disney Plus.

Disney Plus Subscription Sharing

In its Terms and Conditions of Use, Disney Plus states that your account can only be shared within your household, so theoretically, you can’t share your plan with outside people. However, many users ignored the rule, and the platform never enforced it. At the time of this writing, streaming services have declared war on this practice.

For this reason, they have introduced advertising plans and, at least as far as Netflix is ​​concerned, the possibility of purchasing extra accounts for people outside the family unit.  In September 2023, Disney Plus also took this path, as from 1 November 2023, the controls became more stringent, at least in Canada, where users started receiving the following message:

  1. We are carrying out limitations for sharing you or login certifications outside your family.
  2. Not only that, but Canadian users have discovered a new item in the app’s settings called Account Sharing, where Disney Plus explains that it analyzes account usage. If it finds any anomalies, it could limit the service or even close the account. ‘account.

We are still determining when this measure will be implemented in Italy and if extra accounts like Netflix should arrive.

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