How To Maintain The Data Security Of An Online Business?

How To Maintain The Data Security Of An Online Business?

How To Maintain The Data Security Of An Online Business?

Data security is critical. But wait a minute, we’ll explain why later. In the current market, several instruments and benefits are available to be used by companies, tiny and medium-sized ones, aiming to increase productivity and competitiveness in the market.

However, there is always a question to be considered: all this innovative technology is necessarily accompanied by security risks that the internet “allows,” which consequently demands that companies take measures to protect the information of their businesses and customers, in addition to avoiding problems and expenses with the maintenance of equipment and software. It is essential to keep your business safe from cyber-attacks. It is critical for your customers to place more trust in your online service.

Not long ago, the elaboration of the LGPD, the Data Protection Law, or data security law, contributed to bringing more visibility to issues related to digital data security. However, only 4% of small and medium companies are prepared to promote compliance with the law.

How Important Is Data Security?

It is the union of efforts and measures related to the defense of digital information, especially those most vulnerable, of users and organizations. In short, data security aims to keep access to data protected. That is, free from intrusions and other malicious activities that may jeopardize data confidentiality, integrity, and value.

It is essential because it protects all types of information from theft and damage. This encompasses confidential information, personally identifiable data, health data, intellectual property, and information systems, including corporate and government.

Without adopting a digital security strategy, your company will not be able to defend itself against malicious data and information breaches. Currently, simple security firewalls are no longer enough to be the only security measure of a corporation. Today, there is a need for more. For this reason, managers cannot help but worry about data security.

What Are The Challenges Of Online Data Security?

The top five challenges of online data security are:

Polarization Of The Tools Used By Employees

Nowadays, due to the growth of the Home Office, there is a greater demand for collaboration tools that allow the full realization of group activities, quick communication, meetings, and task management.

Although these systems made routine work more effective, they also exposed companies to more vulnerabilities, such as low levels of data security in access settings and inadequate information sharing.

Insecure Home Networks

A company’s employees’ home networks are often insecure.

Organizational Culture

Unfortunately, it is still something of a taboo within companies. Some employees give this responsibility to the organization.

On the other hand, some organizations believe that only employees are responsible for the data and other systems they manage. This negligence generates severe problems in operation and negatively impacts everyone’s work routine.

It’s important to understand that keeping a business safe is everyone’s responsibility. Therefore, it is increasingly necessary to encourage an excellent organizational culture with good operating practices based on data security.

Internal Threats

Often, threats can originate from the actions of the company’s employees. A weaker password, an improperly shared file, a lot of employee turnover, information recorded in the wrong places, corrupted file downloads, and failure to update tools are just some cases that can potentially compromise your organization’s data security.

Lack Of Appropriate Tools (H3)

Finally, the absence of adequate tools is another challenge for companies. Vulnerable systems that do not present regular updates are harmful to organizations. In addition, some technologies do not have the proper support, which can affect the productivity, availability, and delivery of the entire operation. Companies pay about three times more than the world average for ransomware attacks because they do not have adequate protection systems and do not adequately know data security on the internet.

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