How To Improve Your Positioning On Google?

How To Improve Your Positioning On Google?

How To Improve Your Positioning On Google?

Positioning On Google: Did you know that 75% of people don’t get past the first page of Google? The first three organic links represent a click-through rate of 65%, the first with 34%, the second with 19%, and the third with 12%.

Just by these numbers, you should already have an idea of ​​how important it is to stay at the top of Google, right? After all, the chance that people will click on your make-up uniform link if it is on the first page and at the top is much higher than if it is somewhere further down. 

But even though being at the top of Google is something so fundamental, many people don’t know how to achieve this goal; what are the secrets? What do you need to do to get to the top spots? In today’s text, we will show you how to improve your positioning on Google. Shall we check it out? 

Optimize Your SEO

It is simply impossible to keep your website in a good position on Google without thinking about optimizing your SEO; Search Engine Optimization is the best strategy when it comes to increasing the ranking of a website. 

For those who don’t know, it consists of actions such as keywords and internal and external links, which make the Google algorithm evaluate your website and place it in a position within the platform.  The more optimized your SEO is, the better your positioning on Google will be when people search for elevator maintenance. For example, optimizing this tool is an almost mandatory task. 

Have A Responsive And Functional Website

Nowadays, most access to websites occur remotely through smartphones; for this reason, having a responsive website is considered a necessity; your page needs to adapt to different formats and bring the visitor an experience that is unique, affordable, and compatible with what you offer. It also needs to be functional, with a good layout of elements that is visually pleasing for its users; this makes people browse with more tranquility without getting lost with everything that its platform offers.

Offer Content Relevant To Your Audience

Offering content is crucial for keeping your site at the top of searches; the more texts you produce, the more options your readers will have to know about you, having a much greater probability of access. 

Texts with different content, such as one talking about business and another citing some tips on the real estate market, are ideas to diversify, gain visibility and make people know more and more about your business. 

Bet On A Fast Loading Speed

Website loading is another technical detail will consider crucial to ensure a good experience for your user and for Google’s algorithm to recognize your page as helpful and climb within the platform’s ranking. 

Slow loading results in bad customer experiences and makes your site not recommended; after all, research shows that users usually leave the site if it takes more than 2 seconds to load, so betting on speed is the way to stay on the top.

How To Choose A Keyword?

After choosing a word, the hardest part is understanding which term works best for the content provided. After all, the entire article should build from that keyword, and it must appear a few times throughout the text.

The good news is that not everything needs to come from a mental effort. Today, data helps us search for relevant words that are usually the most popular at the moment. Thus, choosing the ideal keyword, more connecting article’s schedule.

Or more popular in recent days, which will do through keyword analyzers. Many of them spread over the internet, including free accounts. To analyze the strength of specific terms, the compatibility for indexing on Google, and the degree of complexity of their use.

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