How To Identify The Best Marketing Channel For Your Company

How To Identify The Best Marketing Channel For Your Company

How To Identify The Best Marketing Channel For Your Company

Amid so many options, it is sometimes difficult to find the ideal marketing channel for your company. Write down some tips.

Various media outlets constantly approach small and medium-sized business managers to sell their ads. There are so many options that it is difficult to identify which ones will bring results and which ones should be discarded.

Where should your company invest? With so many options, which company should you choose? Let’s give some tips and clarify which marketing channels your company can support and how they work.

How To Identify The Best Marketing Channel For Your Company?

The best way to identify the best marketing channels for your business is to assess your options and test them. However, your company doesn’t need to invest astronomical amounts or close a month-long contract for marketing action. The best way to evaluate them is to perform small tests and see if the results deserve a more robust strategy.

Write down the following tips to assess which marketing channels your business should consider.

  1. Research which channels your competitors is investing in. Try to understand which channels and how they act in your marketing strategies.
  2. Look for information on blogs, webinars and other industry information sources.
  3. Test one marketing channel at a time. That way, you’ll be able to assess the real impact of each action without confusing which channel was successful.
  4. Set budget and period for testing. Limit your trial to a maximum of 3 months to test and assess whether a particular channel gains strength over time.
  5. Try different content, promotions, and marketing actions in the same channel during the test. Often the track is the right one, but its communication is not aligned with the strategy.

So, if you test 4 channels during a year, it will be possible for you to identify one that works for your target audience and at least one more that did not achieve good results and should be discarded.

Eight Marketing Channels Used By Small And Medium Businesses To Try:

  1. Social Media: Social networks are diverse marketing channels. You can use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, among other lesser-known ones. The tip here is not to stop boosting your posts; the results organically require a lot of effort and time, which we don’t have when we run tests.
  2. Paid Media: Ads on the web have a lot of potential. Google Ads is the most-used channel for paid media and should be a priority in testing. However, you can also try Bing or other alternatives we find on the web.
  3. Email Marketing: Email marketing is a channel with great potential, especially when your email base is good quality. However, this email foundation takes time to build. It can take your business months to have an email base to deliver results.
  4. Content Marketing: Content Marketing is a channel that also takes time to achieve results. However, a blog post, for example, is done once and can bring results for an indefinite period.
  5. Influencers: Already well known, in some cases, the gains with this channel are quite satisfactory. But it can take some time to find an influencer that reaches your target audience and brings you the results you want.
  6. Public Relations: Public relations has been around for over a century. Use real and relevant news for your target audience to spark interest in your brand.
  7. TV and Radio: These channels still have a high impact capacity and are suitable for reaching older audiences with less contact with technology. But, be careful with evaluating tests in this channel; in addition to the difficult traceability, they are expensive, and the return on investment is not always satisfactory.
  8. Printed Media: This channel is no longer in use. Look for small print media for your test. There’s no reason not to test this channel with a low investment.


So, before starting your tests, look for where and how your competitors are performing. They’ve already had experience with different marketing channels and don’t invest in a particular marketing channel without reaping results.

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