<strong>How To Create PDF Files With Your Smartphone</strong>

PDF Files With Your Smartphone

How To Create PDF Files With Your Smartphone

A straightforward system to make PDF records utilizing your cell phone: you can begin with computerized reports or paper pages. Just have a scanner or multifunction printer all set, particularly on the off chance you are away or in the workplace. In the article How to make PDF records with Windows 10 and without, we have described how you can create PDF archives utilizing the devices coordinated into Windows 10 and some outsider projects.

The cell phone can become an incredible apparatus for making PDF records from existing archives put away carefully or from paper pages. For instance, assume you should return an adequately finished and marked PDF report to a provider, accomplice, or other organization.

There are many free applications for Android and iOS cell phones that permit you to make PDFs from advanced and paper archives. This time, nonetheless, we center around Office for Android and Office for iOS, a free application that permits you to make PDFs that might contain different pages.

Create PDF Files From Your Smartphone

After installing the Office app for Android or iOS, tap the Actions button at the bottom right. Choosing Document to PDF will open a convenient file manager allowing you to select a file stored on your mobile device to convert to PDF automatically. The strength of the Office app, however, lies in the Scan to PDF function.

 By selecting it, it is possible to frame a paper document and acquire it with the smartphone’s digital camera (choose the Document item at the bottom of the screen). The red floating box allows you to ensure that the sheet placed on the table is correctly detected and highlighted.

The page will be acquired by touching the shutter release button (small white circle), and on the following screen, you can crop the document even better optionally. The scanned page is automatically straightened and optimized to be inserted into a PDF document. 

By choosing the first Add icon, other paper pages can be acquired, one after the other, while by selecting Filters, for example, the page can be transformed into black and white, improving its yield. Pressing the three dots at the top right, you can rename the PDF file you just created, convert it into Word, and store it on the cloud (OneDrive) or locally using the Save As command.

Using Signature mode, you can enter a handwritten signature, for example, one that has already been created. The same procedure can be requested later by selecting Sign a PDF from the Actions button. To learn more about the various techniques for affixing a signature to a PDF document, we recommend referring to the article Signing PDFs, some free solutions.

The office does not manage digital signatures, which may have to be added, when requested and necessary, using a particular application usually made available by a trust service provider . The PDF document thus created can be sent by email, through the leading messaging apps, or through other channels, always using the smartphone and without the need to resort to other devices.

The Office app for mobile devices also integrates a powerful OCR module for optical character recognition ( Office on Android: how to manage Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents ) and can be used, for example, to scan a printed table into Excel ( How to import a paper table into Excel ).

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