How To Create A Survey On Facebook: The Guide

Survey On Facebook

Facebook permits the creation and dispersion of surveys in the informal community, whether on a page or in a story. A convenient element to get to know your “fans” better and invigorate your local area! Making a study on Facebook is extremely basic, as we will see. We’ll walk you through how to make it happen, bit by bit, with screen captures to delineate. We will likewise share methods for making connections with a powerful Facebook survey.

What To Think About Before Creating A Poll On Facebook

Creating a survey on Facebook and any other platform requires clearly defining its target upstream. Creating polls or interacting with your community can be part of your social media strategy. Your objectives should serve as the basis for constructing the questions. However, maintain a certain objectivity so as not to direct the answers. A survey is an ideal tool to obtain answers and solicit your audience. Remember your target and the solutions they could choose to build your survey.

Set The Context For Your Survey

The creation of a survey on Facebook is therefore organized into four steps:

  1. The objective: define the purpose of this questionnaire
  2. The target: determine who will be interviewed
  3. Timing: identify the right time to submit your survey

Take Care In Writing Your Questionnaire

Spend some time writing your survey. The more careful it is, the more likely you will get relevant answers. Respondents may opt out of the study if it needs to be longer or better designed. Here are five tips to follow:

  1. Enter the subject of your survey. Indeed, your target deserves to know why they will devote a few minutes of their time to you.
  2. Be consistent in how you address your audience. Use the same personal pronouns throughout the survey and adopt a consistent tone in the question and the possible answers.
  3. Be clear, don’t use specific language your audience might not understand.
  4. Keep it concise, keep your sentences short, and don’t add unnecessary details.
  5. Adopt a neutral tone so as not to influence the answers.

Create A Facebook Poll In 5 Steps

Select The Group You Want To Post To

Remember that creating a Facebook poll from a group or a page is possible. In this example, we are going to post to a group. Start by going to the group you want to post to. From your home page, select “Groups” from the left sidebar. Next, choose the group in which you want to create your poll.

Choose The “Poll” Option In The Post Tab

On the group’s home page, in the publication insert, choose “poll.”

Complete The Survey Form

The poll option then opens a pop-up with a form. Start by introducing the subject of your survey, then add your question. Complete the fields with the possible answers. Note that you can only post one question at a time. Hence the importance of taking care of the tone and your writing: it is short and must have an impact.

Add Images Or GIFS

You can “dress up” your survey by adding an image or a GIF. This can have two effects: Complete the elements introduced in your survey Attract the attention of your community

Publish Your Survey

Reconnect! Avoid spelling mistakes, and make sure your survey is understandable by your target. Once these items are verified, press the “Publish” button.

Create A Poll In A Facebook story

Have you mastered the tools to create Instagram stories like a pro? It’s time to shine on Facebook too! You can create a poll directly in a Facebook story. Like any Facebook story, this one will be ephemeral and have a maximum lifespan of 24 hours.

Finally, it still has advantages. Indeed, it is swift for a user to respond to a story. In addition, the fact that it is displayed on the home page increases its visibility and, therefore, your chances of responses. Note that it is only possible to create a poll in a Facebook story from the Facebook application. In addition, you can only choose two possible answers: choose the terms used carefully!

Select The “Create A Story” Option On The Homepage

Open the Facebook application. Then, at that point, select the “Make a story” choice from the landing page.

Choose The “Survey” Category

Scroll through the pre-made templates until you find the “Survey” option.

 Fill Out The Form

Complete the template by adding your question. This one, displayed in the story, must be short and impactful, unlike the web version, which allows a little more content. Replace “Yes” and “No” with your answer options. You can then personalize your survey to a minimum and, in particular, modify the text’s position. Moreover, you can edit the background and add effects to it.


Once you’ve finished customizing, tap “Share” to publish your Facebook poll. You will be able to find the results when the 24 hours have passed. Go to the “Archive” section of the stories from your profile. On the app’s home page, select your profile picture. Then click on the three dots and then on “Archive.” 

Then choose “Archive Stories” and consult the story that concerns your survey: you will then see the results displayed. You now have all the tools in hand to create a Facebook poll. This tool is one of many put in place by Facebook to help you retain your community. Among them, we also find the implementation of a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, which is also an excellent way to maintain a high retention rate.

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