How To Choose Human Resources Management Software


How To Choose Human Resources Management Software

Choosing the right software is essential for effective employee management. Here is the step-by-step guide and checklist to evaluate the program best suits your needs. There is very different human resources management software on the market today. Some allow you to manage only one aspect of employee administration (for example, the timesheet), while others offer more functionality. Some are basic in use, while others require specialized knowledge and more advanced computer skills.

Starting from these assumptions, Employees in Cloud has developed a guide that accompanies the entrepreneur, the administration managers, and in general, the figures who deal with employee management in choosing the personnel management software that best suits the needs of their company. The guide is completed by a checklist, which can be downloaded free of charge, which allows you to compare and evaluate the various software based on fundamental characteristics.

Where To Start: Define The Needs Of The Company And Employees

Before undertaking any research activity, it is essential to establish what needs the human resource management software will meet. In this regard, it is helpful to consider both the point of view of the company and the employees; the latter will be asked to interact with the program, for example, to stamp their presence or request holidays and permits. To define the needs of the company, it may be helpful to find answers to these points:

  1. Processes to be digitized: do you want to simplify and automate only a specific personnel management activity with the software (for example, attendance)? Or the entire daily administration (the delivery of payslips, the management of expense reports, etc.)? Or, again, more complex and less frequent procedures (how can hiring a new employee be)?
  2. Complexity: To be used properly, personnel management software requires specialized knowledge of the subject and computer skills. It is, therefore, essential to understanding at what level the people who are called to use the program (managers of the administration, HR, etc.) possess this knowledge and skills.
  3. Usage: what are the work habits of the managers who use the software daily? They can operate only with the office PC or need to access the software from other computers, smartphones, and tablets. To determine what employee needs are, it is essential to understand the following:
  4. The ways of working: for example, if workers operate purely off-site, they will need “smart” and portable solutions to stamp their presence, such as a stamping app.
  5. Computer skills: Employees will also need to use the software, so it is essential that they also have computer skills in line with what is required by the program.

What Features To Evaluate In Human Resource Management Software

Once you have clarified what you want to get out of the software, you can begin your research work. Before making a decision, it is essential to analyze each proposal based on at least six characteristics:

  1. functionality,
  2. guides and assistance,
  3. free trial,
  4. What the license price includes,
  5. possibility of use from multiple devices and mobile,
  6. Security in data management and compliance with the GDPR.

These points are explored in the guide to choosing the personnel management software published on the Employees in the Cloud blog.

Select The Software With The Help Of The Checklist

We have seen that in the choice of human resource management software, there are numerous variables to be examined, both in terms of initial needs and requirements and characteristics of the program and the service offered. A checklist is a valuable tool because: it offers all these variables organized in an easy-to-understand scheme; it allows you to evaluate each software simply by “ticking” or not the boxes associated with each feature.

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