How Is A Marketing Plan Executed?

How Is A Marketing Plan Executed?

How Is A Marketing Plan Executed?

Are you a young professional who is getting to know the market? Want to understand why a marketing plan is so important? This article shows how good planning is executed, following a roadmap with strategies and actions that integrate online and offline media.

Seeing the marketing plan as an expense rather than an investment is a mistake. After all, all companies starting their activities or even those that already have some time in the market have a guide with all their objectives, meaningful information about the market, target audience, and defined strategies.

If you, like us, understand the importance of this management tool and want to know a little more about it, keep reading because, in this post, we will briefly explain how to make a successful and personalized marketing plan for your business.

Know Your Customer Well

You need to put on paper the strengths and weaknesses of the company you are planning to work for, in addition to knowing the capital available for marketing actions. This is important for activities and strategies to be sustained in the long term.

Segment And Audience Analysis

Seeing the capabilities of the business, market analysis needs to be done with in-depth research, paying attention to demands, potential, and forecast growth rate and participation.

In addition, it is essential to know the persona, which represents the ideal customer of a particular business. Consider all the characteristics of this audience, such as their desires, desires, hobbies, interests, relationships, and social class, among other information that helps marketers to have a real vision of which product and service choices the target audience would be interested in.

When you know your audience, offering them a solution that makes sense becomes more straightforward.

Competition Analysis

Know who they are and what the main objectives of competitors are. With this knowledge, it is possible to create strategies to differentiate yourself from the competition, making it clear to the person the reasons for choosing the solution that the brand you are working on in the planning offers.

Define Strategies And Actions

What is the customer’s objective? In other words, how do you intend to increase the number of sales of the business? The answer needs to be as objective as the question. The company can present a general solution, but for planning to achieve results, this answer must be as detailed as possible so that the objective is clear.

Ask questions that leave no room for vague answers—for example, understanding the reason for the revenue from sales of the customer’s product or service and evaluating whether the ideal is to make consumers buy more frequently or if the objective is to seek new consumers.

Present The Measures That Will Be Adopted

For example, it can be content creation, social media management, or more retail communication, with discounts or lightning promotions. Many solutions can be presented according to the client’s identity and objectives.


Establish deadlines, monitor performance, and comply with actions to avoid exceeding the client’s investments. You need to document the results, the resources used as needed, and everything else that needs to be recorded to assess what worked and what didn’t. Don’t be afraid to notice the flaws because, through them, you can understand and take a leap forward to obtain an incredible result.

Finally, a marketing plan never ends. It is not complete, as trends and the transformations of a dynamic market all the time. A plan must constantly be studied, revised, redone, and updated with increasingly specific data. Be sure to list alternative actions to make your client more confident about possible changes in plans.

Also, update it whenever necessary, as the market changes. This will help you to keep your business performing well.

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