How does Google Cloud support Industry 4.0?

Google cloud support

How does Google Cloud support Industry 4.0?

Google Cloud support: After Industry 3.0, based on digitization and increased automation, the time has come for Industry 4.0, where self-improving objects, the Internet of things, and better communication between machines and people play the main fiddle. How to adapt your business to a market where digitization is increasingly important? Google Cloud Platform services, strongly supporting companies in this transformation, can help.

What is Industry 4.0?

How to better understand what Industry 4.0 is. ? Are we already witnessing the transformation between the third and fourth industrial revolution? Of course. Transition to Industry 4.0. it runs smoothly, but you can already notice that entrepreneurs are eager to implement new technologies in their businesses.

The fourth industrial revolution noticeably reduces the distance between workers and machines. The latter can already communicate effectively with each other and make intelligent decisions, thus relieving people. They do not replace them but automate their work and take over some of the tasks. As a result, the production process is more flexible, and the production costs themselves are lower.

Google Cloud Platform in the service of Industry 4.0

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – a set of almost 200 cloud services and tools, supports companies from the industrial sector, allowing them to adapt to transformation efficiently. Which of the GCP solutions prove to be particularly helpful?

BigQuery – data warehouse in the cloud

One of the services available in the Google Cloud Platform palette is BigQuery. It allows you to create your own analytical tool. As a result, we will access convenient and quick data analysis on individual processes and changes. Particularly helpful, especially in the context of Industry 4.0. will be the simultaneous use of machine learning, which will help to predict the occurrence of certain factors within the company. Thus, cost optimization or the legitimacy of introducing changes will be much easier and, above all, supported by data.

Google Anthos for hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure management

Anthos is another service that can be found among Google Cloud Platform solutions. It allows you to effectively manage the infrastructure in the hybrid or multi-cloud model, incl. Thanks to the support of the Google Kubernetes Engine service. It enables the creation and implementation of one code version in various environments from the level of a standardized platform. This allows you to reduce the time needed to service the infrastructure and accelerate new implementations.

Contact Center AI to automate the handling of requests.

The modern industry will not do without tools for automating customer service – be it an end customer or an employee of an industrial company. Especially large businesses may encounter a problem with the efficient management of questions and problems. Contact Center AI from Google Cloud is a set of services that can be used to create a service system that relieves agents or increases the efficiency of production workers. Services from the Contact Center AI portfolio, along with such tools as Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text or Natural Language, allow for the construction of, for example, your own system of connection disposition between available and competent specialists or a chatbot connected with a BigQuery warehouse, which is a natural language will provide the employee with an answer to the question about the data about the company or production line.

How to move your business to the Google cloud?

A local Google Cloud partner such as Fly On The Cloud (a leading partner in the Central and Eastern European market) can help in automating production line processes using Google’s cloud services. The partner company offers the same set of GCP services and, additionally, support in the assessment of the profitability of the change, assistance in the development of architecture, preparation of the plan, and carrying out the migration along with adapting the current application to the new infrastructure and ongoing technical and substantive support. The local partner is also able to provide greater benefits than Google Cloud itself – incl. A higher voucher (Fly On The Cloud gives a voucher of $ 500 for a good year, and Google Cloud $ 300 for 90 days) or the option to settle accounts for the use of GCP services.

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