How Do You Succeed In Your Digital Street Marketing Campaign?  

Street Marketing

How Do You Succeed In Your Digital Street Marketing Campaign?  

Despite the meteoric rise of conventional digital marketing, Street marketing has always retained its usefulness. Today, it is becoming digital and reaching even more incredible proportions in terms of efficiency. This is why some big brands are returning to this type of marketing. Do you want to get your target more directly with an inexpensive campaign? Digital Street marketing is a safe approach. Find out how to succeed in these lines.              

Digital Street Marketing: What Is It?

Street marketing was first used in 1984 in the book Guerilla Marketing by Conrad Levinson. She evokes a promotion technique based on the street. It is a public communication strategy that aims to reach the target directly. Street marketing is digital when its implementation involves innovative digital tools. Technology is applied to make your campaigns more efficient.

Digital street marketing has become a direct way for companies to promote their products. Unlike other marketing approaches, it requires few resources but produces conclusive results relatively quickly. You can, therefore, use this marketing strategy to encourage a budding business. It allows passers-by in the target area to quickly get acquainted with your products, services, and skills.  

The Best Tips For Succeeding In Your Online Street Marketing Campaign

Several options are available to you to succeed in your digital street marketing campaign. But above all, you should first choose the digital tools to conduct it. These technologies must take into account the urban target targeted by your campaign. After that, you must:

Determine Your Audience And Their Typical Profile

You must first measure your audience to succeed in a digital street marketing campaign. You must clearly define the target for which your message is intended. Practically speaking, it is essential to determine the characteristics of the audience and the areas in which you can find them. This is the best way to identify the appropriate digital channels to reach it.

In digital street marketing, the typical profile of your audience remains, at best, that defined by your conventional marketing. The most important thing here is to find your geographical location to organize operations accurately. This is a golden rule to boost your digital street marketing campaign. Depending on your campaign objectives, it is easy to define your target audience and develop their profile.

Adapt To Your Target’s Habits To Capture Their Attention

In addition to identifying your target, you need to get to know them. You have to study your way of reasoning, your habits, and your way of life. This allows you to identify the appropriate digital methods to capture their attention during your campaign. By getting to know your target audience well, you will learn how to choose:

  1. the period for carrying out your promotion or sales campaign;
  2. the places to hold your exhibitions or carry out your various marketing activities;
  3. adequate hours to reach a higher number of people;
  4. digital channels to communicate, ideally to reach the target, etc.

Usually, with a field survey, you can quickly identify the habits of your target. You can also do surveys with resource people to understand your target’s lifestyle. This allows you to model your digital street marketing campaign on its details. 

Choose Interactive And Original Operations To Capture The Attention Of Your Target

Another detail to consider to succeed in your digital street marketing campaign is the quality of the operations. In general, passers-by or your urban audience remember the attractiveness of your campaign. It is then necessary to choose impactful operations to make it sufficiently original. You can focus on digital animations such as:

  1. 360° videos;
  2. luminescence dances;
  3. augmented reality ;
  4. video broadcasts on interactive screens in public places, etc.

Today, Light word mapping also remains an animation that enhances the quality of your digital street marketing campaign. You can combine it with the digital fountain or other technological activities to make your event attractive. Place advertisements on social networks to mobilize people around your digital street marketing events. The results are usually precise when you follow these tips.

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