How Digital Inbound Marketing Works

Digital Inbound Marketing

How Digital Inbound Marketing Works

The fundamentals of Digital Inbound Marketing will link to the strategy that companies must adopt at this moment. Attract the attention of the right people.

  • Find among them who will buy your product at this moment.
  • Attract more people like these and prepare them for purchase through relationships and short and medium sales actions.

In addition to measuring the exact return of the shares.

But how is it possible to do this? In case you don’t know the fundamentals of Inbound, here’s a quick summary of how the logic works:

  • Generating quality content  that attracts and informs is a priority in different online formats (webinars, eBooks, courses, etc.)
  • Conquer your visitor’s contact  so that you can continue to relate to them without spending on paid media and reduce your acquisition cost ;
  • Continuing to interact via email  with relevant content and offers, prepare for the purchase;
  • Understand who is more likely to close to transfer the right people to the Commercial team and increase efficiency;
  • Analyze performance to understand and focus on what is working and prove the return of actions carried out by Marketing for the company.

Now that you know the fundamentals of Inbound let’s talk about how Inbound solves those challenges and risks we talked about above. To help illustrate, we have separated some examples of actions that our customers are already taking to overcome the moment, with the help of our expert consultants, and that you can also do:

How To Sell More Today

Since people aren’t buying that quickly, your job will be to identify who wants to buy now. First, this means better converting your pages (Landing Pages and sites), focusing on offers and messages relevant to the moment, gaining more contacts and correcting and reheating those already in your base. Knowing that different companies, segments or people are more likely to buy now, you can create different versions for priority audiences, resulting in higher page conversion.

For example, here at RD, we are adjusting our strategy. Today, we’ve changed several pages to offer interested parties a diagnostic opportunity conversation in the context of quarantine rather than suggesting they start a trial or see a demo.

A second opportunity is to use Lead Segmentation and simple Automation to create offers and marketing campaigns for each contact type, thus generating more sales opportunities.

That was the case with Radio Spar, which created a new offer to be able to sell now. The company, which makes personalized radios for street retailers and gyms, turned its gaze to digital and created the podcast production service.

The podcast has been, in recent weeks, one of the most sought after entertainment formats by the general public. Since retail and gyms are closed, and its traditional service is not being aimed after, the company has secured a way to convert more current and new customers, generating cash flow and selling today its new product fully suited to the quarantine period.

Relate In A Relevant Way To Sell More In The Coming Weeks

In addition to thinking about actions needed today, you need to understand how to generate demand for the coming weeks and months. Some people are not 100% ready to buy now, so you need to consider an experience to prepare that person to buy.

Speaking of relationships, we know that targeted emails convert 40% more than generic emails, but custom automation flows convert 4x more. 

Communicate More And Better With Those Who Are Already Your Customers

At this point, take the opportunity to create or maintain a closer relationship with those who have already purchased from your company. You already have contact with these people, so tell them how you are managing your business right now, how they can buy your products and what they should expect from you, reinforcing how important they are to you.

Prove The Results Generated By Digital Inbound Marketing

In times of crisis, Digital Inbound Marketing is usually one of the most impacted areas. Therefore, it is essential that you can prove the value of marketing for the company and measure the results of your actions to know what is working.

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