How Can Cloud Software Reduce Costs?

How Can Cloud Software Reduce Costs?

How Can Cloud Software Reduce Costs?

Cloud Software: Technological advances are happening faster and faster. Many of them go unnoticed, as they do not directly affect our day-to-day life.

However, some of these changes are very pertinent and benefit our routine and everyday actions, making them more straightforward to solve, such as the evolution of Cloud Software.

Want an example? Let’s talk about data security. About ten years ago, how did your company back up its database? Through daily floppy disks? Many here will feel nostalgia just remembering this technology so obsolete, right? It was followed by CD, which gave way to external HD and Pen drives. These physical media have given way to more modern and secure technology: cloud storage!

With this practical example, which has everything to do with the post’s topic, we want to start this conversation. Reflect on how these technological developments have impacted your company’s costs: reduction in media purchase costs, elimination of the expenses for storing these media, removal of the time spent to perform these backups, consequently positively impacting the productivity of the team or the person responsible by this process, not to mention the extinction of the possibility of human error!

Did you realize how a simple technological change can positively impact your company differently? So it’s time to talk about the advantages of using ERP software in the cloud and how this option can help your company reduce costs.

What Is Cloud Software?

Before we talk specifically about the software that works through this technology, let’s define its concept: Cloud computing consists of the principle of using applications and files through the internet, from your browser, without having to install programs and files on your computer.

For example, when you use a file management system based on cloud computing, such as Google Drive, accessing and editing these files takes place through your browser, but the data and changes are saved in the cloud. That is, you can access that same file from another computer or device with the internet without losing the work previously started.

When we talk about software, specifically management software, cloud technology just came to add and make the management experience more practical and effective.

Cloud software works through a registry, usually linked to an email account. This registration gives access to the user, who can log in to the software through his browser and perform all necessary operations there.

As for the issue of data security, software that operates in the cloud also performs all the guarding of information in these virtual environments, thus ensuring the safety of the company’s data. But we’ll talk more about the advantages of cloud storage later.

Advantages Of Using Cloud Technology

Now, let’s talk a little about the advantages of using cloud technology:

  • Remote access: We live in a globalized world, where we interact with companies from another city, another state, or even other countries. In this scenario, with the possibility of constant displacements, your management software cannot be stuck between four walls! Access to the ERP through any computer with the internet is more than a convenience, and it is a strategic advantage!
  • Data security: As we have already mentioned, cloud software also performs its backups in a virtual environment. In addition to the protections guaranteed by virtual storage, the main advantage of this practice is the impossibility of human error, such as forgetting to perform the backup. Performed automatically through the software, your data will be safe in the cloud!
  • Easier deployment: The entire software deployment, maintenance. And support process becomes more accessible. As it will install in a virtual environment, not on a server at your company.

How Cloud Software Can Reduce Your Company’s Costs

Now, it’s time to talk about one of the best advantages of investing in hiring a cloud ERP: cost reduction! And this investment reduction starts with hiring! A cloud management system is sold through a usage license. In other words, you pay a monthly fee to use the software. And with it, you guarantee information backup, support, and updates! In the old model of selling and operating ERP software, companies acquired the software installed in the company.

This practice significantly increased the initial investments to purchase the system. In addition, the company was not free of monthly fees. They will pay the same way to guarantee support and updates!

Another interesting issue to remember is security. Since the cost of backups will absorb by the monthly fee for the cloud software. That happens automatically, as we brief above.

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