Google Pixel Fold, Screen Of The First Foldable Will Look Like

Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold, Screen Of The First Foldable Will Look Like

Google may be working on its first foldable device, the Pixel Fold, which will use Samsung screens. Let’s find out more about the company’s projects. The time is coming for Google’s first foldable smartphone. Perhaps. Pixel Fold, it could be called that, is a smartphone wrapped in the ministry. It has been talked about for years but never arrived on the market. Big G has been in the pipeline for some time now, but he would never have been satisfied with the result. Now things seem to have changed, and the Pixel Fold appears to have finally entered production.

The discourse on folding devices is affecting more and more manufacturers who, after the success of Samsung’s new smartphones, are reorienting production in this direction. Among these, of course, is also Google which would be working on its foldable phones called Pixel Fold. A device that everyone is waiting for, but of which there is no news, mainly because it was thought that the company would present it with the current Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Let’s see the latest news of the Google Pixel Fold.

Google Pixel Fold: Rumors And Technical Characteristics

As just mentioned, at the moment, Google’s folding device is a story made up only of rumors and chats on the net. Also, Google has never officially confirmed the project and does not seem to have ever talked about it. From what is circulating on the web, however, it seems that the Pixel Fold screen will be produced by Samsung, which, at the moment, is the company with the most experience in the field. For this reason, Big G would have chosen to rely on the South Korean giant to guarantee a reliable and already “tested” smartphone. In the face of this, many wonder if this new folding is not just the twin of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, which would make little sense, given that we are talking about a relatively recent device and still on the market. 

According to reports from leaker Kuba Wojciechowski, Pixel Fold will have a screen with a resolution of 2,208×1,840 pixels, which would be very similar to its Samsung counterpart. But the affinities between the two devices don’t end there, and even Google’s smartphone will have a Super AMOLED screen, perhaps 7.6 inches, with an average brightness of 800 nits and a peak brightness of 1,200 nits. Although never officially confirmed, these similarities could depend precisely on the fact that the Pixel Fold uses Samsung’s technology. In the face of this, if Google wanted to market such a product, it would have to amaze users with many other features that could represent a real turning point in this sector.

When The Google Pixel Fold Arrives

The presentation and release of Google’s new folding smartphone are still top secrets, and, probably, the company wanted to focus its efforts on Pixel 7 and 7 Pro without putting too much meat on the fire. According to some rumors on the web, the Google Pixel Fold will arrive in the first quarter of next year and should be officially presented in January. To confirm these advances is Ross Young, who, generally, is a reliable source in the field of technology, also because he has been in the display industry for years and knows the dynamics of the sector well. Apart from this, however, there are no official confirmations on the Pixel Fold, and Google maintains great confidentiality in this regard.

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