Galaxy Watch 6 : What Is Samsung’s Latest Smartwatch Worth?

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Galaxy Watch 6 : What Is Samsung’s Latest Smartwatch Worth?

Exiting the Pro version, Samsung has decided to return to the Classic model for its sixth generation of connected watches. The comeback of the rotating crown within the range mainly characterizes this return to basics. The new Galaxy Watch 6 Classic also benefits from a larger screen, a more powerful processor, and additional features. 

Could this finally be the smartwatch we’ve been waiting for? This is precisely what we will discover in this test of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. We will reveal to you all its details, its characteristics, and its functionalities.

A Sleek And Comfortable Design To Wear

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is available in two case sizes, 43 or 47 mm, which weigh 52 grams and 59 grams, respectively. The rotating crown, which we’ve already seen on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, ensures easy navigation through the watch’s menus without needing to touch the screen. This feature is convenient, especially during training sessions.

New developments have also been made in the materials used for its case and its screen to give the Watch 6 Classic a more high-end and resistant appearance. It then has a sapphire crystal glass and a stainless steel surround. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is designed to accompany you everywhere. Thanks to IP68 certification, it is dust and water-resistant.

It can even be submerged up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes. For the bracelet, Samsung chose vegan leather on the outside and silicone on the inside, thus offering a nice balance between comfort and aesthetics. This watch also includes a new attachment system called “OneClick,” which simplifies changing the bracelet. 

Now, you press a button on the back to detach or attach the bracelet. This feature allows you to quickly switch from one style to another, depending on each situation. Despite its imposing size, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic can be worn comfortably for long periods without causing any noticeable discomfort.

A Bigger And Even Thinner Screen

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic benefits from a screen that is approximately 20% larger than the previous generation. The thickness of the borders has been reduced by 30%, allowing the screen to extend to the end of the dial. This provides better readability and more space to take advantage of all the built-in features.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has a stunning, full-touch Super AMOLED display. The 43mm version sports a 1.31-inch (432 x 432 pixels) circular display, while the 47mm version has a 1.47-inch (480 x 480 pixels) display. These screens are exceptionally durable thanks to their sapphire glass, reducing the risk of scratches or breakage, even if dropped.

Whether you choose the 43mm or 47mm model, both have a maximum brightness of 2000 nits, double the previous generation Galaxy Watch 5, which is limited to 1000 nits. Visibility is, therefore, optimal, even in direct sunlight. In addition, the screen automatically adjusts to the ambient brightness, preventing you from being dazzled in dark environments.

Improved Performance And Interface

The new Exynos W930 chip powers the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. According to Samsung, the latter is 18% faster than the Exynos W920 used in the Watch 5 and Watch 4. It is associated with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. All of these elements help improve the fluidity and responsiveness of the connected watch, as well as optimize sensor performance for more precise results.

Regarding the interface, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic goes from Wear OS 3.5 to Wear OS 4, with Samsung’s own One Ui Watch overlay. Thanks to this combination, you have access to an extensive application catalog, a variety of customizable watch faces, more readable notifications, and simplified configuration. You can send text messages, make calls, listen to music, and even make payments, all without needing your smartphone nearby.

A Wide Selection Of Apps And Features

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is compatible with all Android smartphones. However, it offers more features when combined with a Samsung smartphone, such as ECG. Among the available applications, you find:

  1. Galaxy Wearable: it allows you to manage your applications and widgets, personalize shortcuts, modify watch faces, etc.
  2. Samsung Health: Provides detailed information about your health and fitness, including your daily activity.
  3. Health Monitor: it allows you to perform an ECG and measure your blood pressure. Unfortunately, you must have a Samsung smartphone to access it.
  4. Sleep Tracking: This watch improves your sleep tracking by detecting your snoring, blood oxygen levels, and sleep stages. She even creates a personalized coaching program after analyzing your sleep over 7 nights to help you sleep better.
  5. Emergency detection: It is able to detect emergencies, including falls, and can send an SOS to emergency services if necessary.
  6. Smartthings ThingsFind: If you misplace your smartphone, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic can locate it using this application.
  7. GPS: The watch’s GPS provides high accuracy for tracking courses and navigating with Google Maps.
  8. Other functions for health and sports: the watch is equipped with various sensors, including a heart sensor, a gyroscope, and an infrared temperature sensor, to measure your various body data. When it comes to sports, it can analyze 90 sports activities, such as running, cycling, swimming, yoga, etc.

Improved Battery Life

The battery integrated into the two formats of Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is different depending on the model. Thus, we found a 300 mAh battery on the 43 mm version and 425 mAh on the 47 mm version. This represents a slight improvement over the Watch 5 (284 mAh and 410 mAh). 

Samsung announced an autonomy of 40 consecutive hours for both formats of the watch. For charging, it comes with a cable with a wireless charging base on one side and a USB-C connection on the other. This charging base allows you to recover 45% of the battery in 30 minutes. However, the total charge requires 1 hour 20 minutes.


The Galaxy Watch Classic 6 is a great smartwatch. It offers a variety of applications, an intuitive interface, and a very bright screen, which makes it pleasant to use in broad daylight. Its ergonomic rotating bezel is also a strong point, which many users prefer over touchscreen navigation.

However, this watch from Samsung has some drawbacks. It is not compatible with iPhones, unlike Samsung’s Tizen watches. Its two-day battery life requires sacrifice and only applies to the 47mm model. Despite these limitations, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is considered one of the best Android smartwatches on the market in 2023.

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