Galaxy Ring: What Do We Know About Samsung’s Connected Ring

Galaxy Ring

Galaxy Ring: What Do We Know About Samsung’s Connected Ring

DesTechnological advances continue to redefine our daily lives, and among the pioneers of innovation, Samsung occupies a prominent place with its multiple gadgets and portable devices. Aside from bracelets and watches, the Korean firm’s vision extends to connected jewelry, including accessories such as the bright ring. 

The “Galaxy Ring” emerges in this dynamic, the result of ten years of research, announcing an ambitious foray into connected rings. Launch date, features, special features… This post provides you with the latest information regarding the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, A Technology Patented In 2015

The Galaxy Ring connected ring was initially designed to communicate with the Samsung ecosystem’s devices. Over time, the concept has transformed, evolving towards an orientation focused on health and well-being. This metamorphosis is part of Samsung’s approach to developing more innovative accessories and expanding its range of products in this category.

You should know that in 2015, Samsung obtained a patent for its intelligent ring concept. This patent describes a system allowing the connected ring to interact with the brand’s devices: TV, radio, etc. Subsequently, the manufacturer chose to use this technology in the service of connected health. 

Later, the Galaxy Ring was defined as a device intended “for tracking, measuring, monitoring and uploading information relating to health, fitness and sleep.” However, you should know that the Galaxy Ring is far from limited to a simple alternative to Samsung bracelets and connected watches. This little technological gem would be designed to combine precision and reliability, particularly in measuring health-related data, to surpass its counterparts’ functionality.

In parallel with this development, Samsung recently officially presented its new connected watches, like the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 classic. The team is also working on innovative projects, including a pair of connected glasses called Galaxy Glasses. This diversification demonstrates the Korean giant’s desire to create a complete ecosystem of wearable devices. With ten years of work and research, the Galaxy Ring promises to bring significant innovations to the wearables market.

Galaxy Ring: What About The Integrated Features And Technologies?

Even if the project is still in the “pre-development” stage, the Galaxy Ring is already arousing curiosity among fans of new technologies. You should know that only a few companies currently manufacture connected rings, such as Movano Ring, Circular Ring, or Ring Pay. As a reminder, players like Oura or Ultrahuman are among the pioneers of health-oriented connected rings. 

Samsung plans to enter this market soon, and the experience of Galaxy Watch-connected watches should help strengthen the brand’s presence. The Galaxy Ring is shaping to be an even more precise alternative to the Galaxy Watch-connected watches. As a related object focused on well-being and health, this accessory will probably include sensors to measure heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital data. 

However, it is essential to mention that Samsung’s objective is to develop a connected ring capable of competing with those currently available, whether in terms of aesthetics, functionality, or precision. Concerning this last point, it is a major asset that should allow the Galaxy Ring to acquire a reasonably significant market share in its production and marketing. Indeed, Samsung has set itself the mission of designing a health data measurement device that stands out for its orientation towards precision.


In terms of design, Samsung would opt for an adjustable ring, allowing users to fit the call comfortably to their finger. In this way, the brand intends to offer a more elegant, practical, and discreet alternative to connected bracelets. The connected ring is also designed to meet the needs of gadget enthusiasts who are reluctant to wear a bracelet or watch on their wrist. 

The Galaxy Ring’s ambitions go beyond daily tracking. Rumors suggest it could later connect to Samsung’s upcoming AR headset, expanding its scope to include augmented reality experiences. This intelligent ring could also be a remote control for combined home elements. But its potential continues beyond there. The Galaxy Ring will likely integrate features such as contactless payment.

However, with these promising advances comes the need to comply with medical regulations. The Galaxy Ring could be classified as a medical device, and its marketing, in this case, requires approval by European health authorities. This approach has been undertaken for specific Galaxy Watch models since these products integrate purely medical functionalities such as ECG measurement.

What Is The Planned Release Date For The Galaxy Ring?

Many clues suggest that the Galaxy Ring could go into production in the coming months. Indeed, we noticed some changes after updating the Galaxy Wearable application. This app allows beginners to interconnect Samsung-connected objects with the brand’s smartphones. This update captivated the attention of Korean users with the appearance of a ring icon. 

Far from being trivial, it is a discovery that tangibly confirms the speculation surrounding the development of Samsung’s connected ring, especially since we can see in this recent version of the Galaxy Wearable application the mention of “Galaxy Ring,” as well as a release date planned for the year 2024 for the connected ring.

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