Future Of Digital Marketing Services: How Will AI Impact The Area?

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Future Of Digital Marketing Services: How Will AI Impact The Area?

When we look to the future of digital marketing services, we think of a scenario similar to Blade Runner-style cyberpunk movies. A thousand interactive, colorful and light-filled digital advertisements on gigantic skyscrapers. 

However, the future of digital marketing has been much more discreet. From investing in neural networks to developing friendlier chatbots and new programming language options, the future is closer than we think. But what does all this have to do with digital marketing? 

Future Of Digital Marketing Services: Where Does Artificial Intelligence Fit In This Story? 

Quite simply, we can define AI as a way of making machines “think” like humans. So they solve problems and perform tasks in the same way we would – or at least similarly. Because of this, it optimizes and facilitates numerous activities that, until then, took a long time to be carried out by an ordinary professional. And marketing is no different. For example:

Task Automation:

One of the great benefits that artificial intelligence brings is automating tasks in an efficient and scalable way. The more automated the work, the more time professionals will have to work on improvements that make the business more profitable and well structured. This ranges from simple tasks to more complicated activities that would require the full attention of a dedicated employee.

Result Optimization:

From the moment part of the work is automated, the time spent to carry out the activities is less. So, in addition to higher productivity, it also means fewer errors;

Clients Satisfaction:

One of the main uses of AI in digital marketing services has been to increase customer satisfaction with their favorite brands. Whether by offering faster and more personalized service (chatbots), avoiding and solving problems more quickly, or applying loyalty techniques. Customer success within digital marketing tends to be heavily impacted by AI technologies. 

And What Surprises Does The Future Await? 

Giant companies in the world of communication and marketing are increasingly investing in the development of AI. Through the Artificial Intelligence Impact Challenge, Google was willing to invest US$ 25 million in projects in the area. In addition, Microsoft has also invested $1 billion in artificial intelligence. And the sums don’t stop there…Samsung is ready to shell out 20 billion dollars for research in the area. Facebook is also eyeing the AI ​​field: in 2017, Zuckerberg’s company hired artificial intelligence expert Joelle Pineal to run its labs.

This race for the future only makes our expectations soar. Despite predictions made by scholars and academics, AI discoveries are sure to come as a surprise at some point. Some of them we can expect to see shortly: 

More And More Intelligent Machines

Shortly, we can bet on machines that learn faster and with less need for complicated programming. Behind this development are some of the main methods of AI working:

  • Machine learning, which allows the machine to learn by itself, without the need for its actions to be programmed in advance; 
  • Artificial neural networks allow the system to acquire knowledge through experience – just like we humans, who improve with a time of practice and training. 

An example of this growing development and its use in marketing is the world’s first AI-designed ad, created by the M&C Saatchi agency in London. He is a poster for a fictional coffee brand that mixes text, images, fonts, and colors. In it, a camera is embedded that manages to capture human reactions to the piece. This way identifies which combination tends to perform best for each type of person. Can you imagine being able to assemble all your ads with this performance guarantee? 

More Frequent Use Of AI In Consumer Interactions 

The use of chatbots is nothing new in digital marketing. These virtual assistants have become popular with leading brands and companies as they make customer service more streamlined and scalable – without forgetting about personalization.

AI And The Impact On The Future Of Digital Marketing Services

AI will allow marketing managers to create high-performance projects. As an example, we can mention the increase in effectiveness in programmatic media, SEO, and target advertising. Consumers, in turn, will be able to use virtual assistants as advisors in purchasing decisions. This interaction will do with cognitive systems, via smartphones, wearables, or any other device via IoT – or the Internet Of Things (Internet of Things). However, things will not change on their own. It is necessary to think about adapting conversations and plans in marketing, taking this reality into account.

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