Forced Or Useful? – Smartphone Trends 2022

Forced Or Useful? – Smartphone Trends 2022

Forced Or Useful? – Smartphone Trends 2022

Smartphone trends : 2021 was somewhat reserved in terms of innovations and groundbreaking. However, the market itself remained in constant motion in 2021. We look back over our shoulder: Which technologies are trending, and what can we expect for 2022? Please take a look with us at what awaits us on the horizon.

The Smartphone Trends: In Constant Motion

The year 2021 was massively influence by the still prevailing shortage of semiconductors in terms of price and product availability to release a new model. The number of units producing fell noticeably; many devices were only available to a minimal extent at the start of sales and are immediately sell in the end. We can certainly assume that this trend will continue in 2022.

A trend emerged two years ago: the middle class will serve more and more by the manufacturers and is, therefore, more competitive than before. This trend continued in 2021. Many premium features (often in a weakened form) are increasingly stow away in inexpensive devices. This highly competitive mid-range price range has also caused structural changes. Names previously uses as a device series are deliberately separating from the manufacturer’s name and sold as a separate brand specializing in the middle class – Poco is the most recent example of this. Poco models previously belong to the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi and are now sold.

Display Trends

Looking back, two clear trends will see that will continue in 2022. On the one hand, manufacturers have recognized the advantage of high refresh rates. If displays support more than the usual 60 Hz, this results in much smoother movements and less motion blur. For example, when scrolling on websites or in menus, the system feels a lot smoother. More and more 90 Hz displays are now being used, especially in the lower price ranges. The very expensive flagships even boast 120 Hz or more. This technology can be found in high-quality OLED displays, while cheaper devices still rely on less bright and low-contrast IPS displays.

A second trend is an absolute novelty that made it onto the market in 2021. Displays may be able to dynamically adjust their frame rate based on the nature of the application. This technology will establish on the flagship market since the iPhone 13 Pro at the latest. It should only be a matter of time before manufacturers follow suit and show dynamic refresh rates in much cheaper devices because this technology has a powerful effect on the battery life and can result in enormous leaps upwards.

Camera Trends

At the beginning of 2021, it was unclear where the camera journey would go. The fact is: A trend towards “more and more lenses on the back” has not occurred – the manufacturers leave it at three lenses on average. It will see that the premium model, in particular, use a telephoto lens to enable a higher-quality zoom. With the latest camera flashers à la Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or the slightly older Huawei Mate 40 Pro, which does its job well, a trend will start. We expect that future smartphones will primarily compete in their zoom performance. We also hope that the macro lenses will tighten Most 2021 models came with very low-resolution macro lenses, which allow for a low minimum focusing distance, but cannot produce decent images. An improvement would do well to face this handy function.

Battery And Charging Trends

The battery remains eternal suffering and is rightly the essential feature for many users. After all, you don’t necessarily want to charge your cell phone every day, and if you do, it’s convenient if a battery can charge in half an hour. This is precisely where some manufacturers already recognized great potential in 2021.

The problem: Due to the construction, the batteries can no longer get any more significant since the space in the smartphone housing is no longer sufficient. So the battery trend in 2022 should improve the runtime with batteries of the same size. A dynamic refresh rate helps immensely here, but new chipsets will also ensure that energy efficiency increases in 2022.

The motto should also apply in 2022: The faster my smartphone trends charges, the better. With the Xiaomi 11, T Pro has already launched a device with incredible 120-watt fast charging. The thing is fully charge in about half an hour – great!

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