Flip Phone: The Three Advantages

Flip Phone

Flip Phone: The Three Advantages

Older people are unfortunately often harassed by advertisements on their landline phones. In addition, the sound of these devices is only sometimes optimal for those with hearing problems due to age. When you get older, the mobile phone gradually becomes necessary to keep in touch with loved ones and contact the emergency services in case of an emergency. 

But smartphones are often too complicated: you have to learn a new mode of tactile navigation and sometimes use complex applications and gestures that are only sometimes intuitive… What type of phone is left for seniors?

The Flip Phone Is Easy To Pick Up And Hang Up

For a senior who has a smartphone, it is more challenging to answer calls. Indeed, you must already start by reacting quickly when the phone rings. However, the person does not move quickly, does not necessarily remember where she put the phone, and… did not hear the call. She also needs to see better and must take the time to analyze who is calling. 

Hearing difficulties and a general slowing of reflexes often prevent older people from locating their smartphone in time to pick it up in peace. They are already stressed by the call when they have to answer, and things get complicated. Pressed for time and the ringtone, the senior no longer remembers picking up the touch phone… even if you have already explained it to him several times.

This is the number one problem for seniors with touch-type mobile phones: answering a call by sliding a finger on the screen and hanging up by tapping on the screen could be more intuitive gestures for them. The habit of traditional mobile phones leads them to press very hard on a button to pick up, and the habit of landline phones is to expect that the phone picks up by itself when taking it in hand. But with touch, it’s more complex.

To offer a mobile phone to your elderly parents, choose a flip phone: easy to pick up and hang up in a single gesture, tilting the flip to talk is enough to take the call. Much more intuitive and practical for a senior, the flip cell phone is not likely to be automatically unhooked by mistake while stored in a pocket or bag, nor is it likely to end the conversion by accident.

Older adults have better control of the telephone call and know clearly when they have picked up or hung up, which also prevents them from remaining off the hook for hours, making their mobile line unreachable and worrying their loved ones.

Mobile Compatible With Hearing Aids

Clamshell mobile phones with the proper amplification function allow you to precisely adjust the telephone conversation’s sound. There are indeed buttons for general amplification of the sound level, but also low or high tones to help the person with hearing impairment better discern his interlocutor’s words. Indeed, hearing loss due to age, which is extremely common, has the particularity of impacting high-pitched sounds and the entire range of conversational sounds, which isolates the affected person in an uncomfortable bubble in society.

When they come from several sources, the discrimination of sounds is particularly difficult for them. The clamshell phone has a useful amplification function in terms of the ringtone, vibrator and conversations. For older people who have hearing difficulties, it’s an essential option that smartphones don’t always have.

In addition, some flip phone models are hearing aid compatible (HAC compatibility). They are equipped with magnetic induction loops allowing the senior to place his hearing aid in position T to automatically mute the sound of the prosthesis and thus isolate the senior from the surrounding noise. The person with hearing aids avoids the Larsen effect and can concentrate much better on only telephone conversation, even in a noisy environment, which also exhausts him much less.

An Easy-To-Use Mobile Phone

Above all, a mobile phone designed for seniors has a design and a design that makes life easier. The phone adapts to them and not the other way around: the keys are larger and better spaced, and the screens are more contrasted with a larger display to read it better.

The pickup/hang-up functions are simplified, much more intuitive, and in general, the handling of the device is much simpler. Ergonomics have been remembered: once closed, the flip phone is small enough to slip into a bag or pocket, unlike bulky smartphones, but it continues to display the time and even the caller’s name on a screen that remains visible even when closed.

It also has SOS keys for making emergency calls with a single gesture and “shortcut” keys for older people with memory problems. In this way, you can fill in the numbers of carers, relatives or even nursing staff who surround the senior easily on his phone without forcing him to remember exactly who to call in which case. A simple SOS button will be enough to ask for help if the person feels unwell, falling or getting lost.

 This simplified laptop for seniors also has more fun functions such as the camera, 4G to browse the internet, etc., allowing them to enjoy the benefits of technology without suffering from its shortcomings. Finally, to be located and recharged more easily, the mobile phone for seniors often comes with a charging base which also serves as a base. In this way, the older adult always knows where their phone is and ensures that it always has a sufficient charge level.

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