Five Steps To Encourage A Culture Of Innovation In Your Company

Five Steps To Encourage A Culture Of Innovation In Your Company

Five Steps To Encourage A Culture Of Innovation In Your Company

Innovation: With the rush of everyday life, it is normal for some practices to be a little sideways at work. If you work in a company’s information technology ( IT ) area, you know that the culture of innovation should always be in full swing! Because? Because the information technology team is often responsible for motivating and setting an example for other areas?

And how to do it? Don’t think it’s difficult or impossible. What you need are focus and good strategies. After all, once started, the plan to transform IT into a culture of innovation sector will prove to be able to go far and make a difference throughout the company. Even better: it can directly help the company’s growth!

Launch Challenges To Employees

Virtually every professional likes to face a challenge in business. In addition to taking employees out of their comfort zone, promoting a series of challenges makes work more dynamic, without monotony, attractive, and full of new possibilities. Therefore, nothing better than starting betting on this practice.

To implement the plan, it’s good to take a few minutes a day to talk to your employees. The team needs to understand that there are challenges to be faced and that only then will there be positive results regarding the work itself. Once that’s done, launch at least one challenge a week, reminding yourself daily what it’s all about.

It is good to map the main difficulties professionals are having at work and propose the challenge of changing for the better. In addition, checking what customers most point out as negative items can also become the month’s challenge or even in the long term, such as a semester.

Create Collective And Individual Goals

Going side by side with the previous topic, creating collective and individual goals will significantly improve your team’s innovation culture, see? Imagine that, after issuing challenges to employees, showing your dreams will be another decisive role so that the employee knows where he needs to go and how he will achieve this success.

The clearer the goals are, the better. So start by calling your team individually and reviewing what you expect from that person. Then, explain how the collective part will work, reinforcing that the more information people exchange with each other, the better to find the most creative and innovative ideas on the market.

Another tip for this step is to encourage the team to meet a few times a week to exchange ideas about their main difficulties and how to achieve the goals. This can be an excellent practice for employees to see that they are working together towards a single goal!

Reward Outstanding Professionals

After so much work, dedication, and effort in developing a culture of innovation in your company, what would be better than rewarding professionals who excelled in the task? This is an excellent time for you to strengthen the bonds of trust with each of these employees and always leave a door open for them.

For a bonus, a little bit of everything is worth it. Separating achievements by categories is an idea that promises to encourage them even more. For example, you know that challenge you launched? Those who solved it in record time can win a day off or a holiday amendment. And the goal was reached in half the allotted time? An excellent suggestion for an all-expenses-paid vacation trip to the Northeast.

Positive results and customer praise? Nothing beats a complete dinner in a nice place to celebrate this victory, and so on. You demonstrate that your entire team can win by putting in the effort and dedicating yourself!

Track Results

Being an IT manager and not monitoring the results of your employees is, without a doubt, a shot in the foot. It’s no use leaving them with good practices to be executed if you’re not present in their development. This is how you can make corrections, if necessary, and closely analyze how employees are working.

It is also interesting to disclose the weekly, monthly, bimonthly, semi-annual, or annual results. The reason is simple: to let everyone know how the company is doing in the market and how customers feel about the work performed.

Expose the results of the IT area in a place where everyone in the company can see, even helping to give the team the prominence it deserves and, even better, demonstrating that professionals are essential for the company to function healthily.

Encourage A Culture Of Innovation With A Sound IT System

As a final part of the objective of encouraging your team to nurture a culture of innovation. There is nothing more remarkable than offering them a complete and integrated IT system. Think that this will make all the work will do easier and optimize time and money for the company.

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