Facebook Reels For iOS And Android Are Available


Facebook Reels For iOS And Android Are Available

The launch came after a test phase in the United States and, in all respects, the same operation as those on Instagram; Facebook Reels seem the most designed format to allow creators to monetize. Half of the time people spend on Facebook and Instagram is now time spent watching videos: this is why it is not surprising that reels are, in the Meta universe, the fastest growing format and that, after a phase of test in the United States alone, the company has decided to launch Facebook Reels in over one hundred and fifty countries around the world, including India.

Facebook Reels: What They Are, How They Work, And The Differences With Instagram Reels

It is, in effect, a version adapted to Facebook of the Instagram Reels with which, for more than a year, creators have expressed themselves, made themselves known, and stayed in contact with their communities, but thanks to which users, communities can find and share interesting and engaging content in an easier and more fun way. At the moment, Facebook Reels can be viewed on your feed if posted by a friend or directly on the creator’s profile which, at that point, you can decide to start following. The Facebook team says it is at work, however, because ” in the coming weeks” – so the press release reads – it will be easier to discover new reels also in Stories on Facebook, directly within the Watch screen, in Groups, and in a special section at the top of the feed where the spins of people who do not know each other but who, despite this, could be to your liking could also be suggested, initially only in some countries. 

You can interact with each reel by liking, commenting on the video, and sharing it with friends, possibly even via public Stories on Facebook. To creators who want to try the Facebook Reels from the platform, they have already made available; instead, some particular functions and settings arrived after a running-in phase and after testing the response of users on Instagram Reels, such as:

  1. The Remix function allows you to create your reel next to another that already exists and shared publicly on Facebook, including the last one in whole or in part
  2. 60-second reels 
  3. the ability to save your video content in drafts and decide later if and how to publish them
  4. video clipping tools to publish live or long-form videos in the most diverse formats

Very shortly, however, other features and tools could arrive, such as those for cross-posting, which allow creators who wish to share reels simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram.

Monetizing Thanks To Reels On Facebook: This Is How It Will Be Possible

Dissimilar to different organizations, Facebook Reels will be arranged towards the maker economy, or at least, planned so makers can procure from distributing their unique substance. In the first place, there is a program, Reels Play, planned explicitly to pay – up to $ 35,000 every month – makers who choose to try different things with reels on Facebook and meet necessities principally in regards to the number of perspectives. In the US, where Facebook Reels were sent off ahead of schedule, Reels Play has proactively turned clients like Jason the Incomparable and Tasha Caroline into genuine social stars and, most importantly, assisted them with understanding what sort of happiness works best on Facebook. Furthermore, for their network.

This maker financing system will likewise be stretched to different nations to include makers of various ethnicities. Notwithstanding, there is likewise fan subsidizing among how Meta expects to guarantee makers’ profit through their reels on Facebook. The organization will start to test, beginning in ” the following couple of weeks, “the chance of stretching out the Stars capability  to Facebook Reels, which permits clients to help their #1 maker by buying and sending them virtual prizes, the Stars. Straightforwardly while watching the reel. To increment direct adaptation open doors, makers can exploit in-stream advertisements on Facebook Reels.

Two overlay promotion configurations will first be tried in nations like the US, Canada, and Mexico and consequently for those makers who are, as of now, part of the Facebook adaptation program: the first is that of standard advertisements to show up as cloudy overlays at the base. By Facebook Reels; the second is that of stickers to be put anyplace on the reel. Excellent for brands could be full-screen and vivid advertisements, to show up between one reel and one more with which, much like with natural substance on Facebook, you can communicate with remarks, likes, and offers. Be that as it may, they have been tried since last October, prior to being made accessible on a worldwide premise.

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