Facebook: How To Create A Shop On Your Business Page


Facebook: How To Create A Shop On Your Business Page

After having already made good use of advertising on its social network, Facebook is looking for new sources of growth in online purchases. Recently, Facebook has multiplied initiatives to promote and facilitate online commerce via social networks. After integrating the “Buy” button, creating the carousel, canvas, and dynamic ads, launching its platform for small ads between individuals (Marketplace), and the new online shopping function on Instagram, Facebook is attacking e-commerce.

Creating a store on your company’s Facebook Page will soon be possible without going through e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or Big Commerce. This new feature is currently being tested in the United States, and it may quickly be launched in India, according to the India help pages dedicated to this new tool that can already be seen on the Facebook creation tool. How does the future Shop section of your business Page work?

This new free instrument lets you present and sell your items straightforwardly on Facebook. Clients can find, offer, and purchase new things from your business Page. For the occasion, it is just an issue of items, not administrations or computerized products. These are the subject of another Facebook explicitness, the “Administrations,” that can be added to your master profile.

The Steps To Create Your Store On Facebook

To make your store on Facebook, click “Add a segment” on your business Page. It might be ideal on the off chance that you acknowledged the general states of purpose. Then, at that point, you can pick between permitting the client to pay for their buys on Facebook or diverting them to one more site to make the installment. When your store setup is finished, you can add items from the Store area or the Distributing apparatuses.

You can add portrayals, pictures, and variations (colors, sizes, designs, and so on) for every item, as indicated by the suggestions and conditions on Facebook. You can likewise make assortments containing, for every one of them, up to 1000 items. Decide your highlighted variety, i.e., the one that will appear at your store’s top. The initial ten items from this assortment will appear on your Page. At last, it is feasible to focus on your crowd by picking who to show each gathering to.

Manage Your Facebook Shop

The Facebook store is a virtual showcase where you will highlight your products and offer them for sale. It is straightforward to manage since you just have to click on the “Publishing tools “tab and go to the Shop section to add, delete articles and collections, or even manage orders. You can ship, cancel, or contact the customer for a pending order. You can print a packing slip, issue a refund, or contact the customer for a placed order.

Benefit From A Secure Purchasing Process

To process payments and ensure the security of this tool, Facebook uses the Stripe and PayPal payment platforms. Once the order has been shipped and validated, you receive compensation from the customer in your bank account for a fee of approximately 2.9% of the purchase amount, plus 30 cents per successful transaction.

As for customers, they have the same guarantees as when buying on an e-commerce site. They can retrieve a receipt in the payment history on Facebook and the email address provided. They can track the order status directly on their Facebook account ( > Settings > Payments > Status). This path also allows them to contact the seller and return or exchange a product.

A Store On Facebook? A Boon For Businesses

The Advantages Of This Tool

This tool has many advantages for companies, especially for small ones. Generally, they do not have an e-commerce site or even any website. If they have one, chances are it isn’t optimized for mobile, or the loading time is slow. They are, therefore, the most likely to use this feature. Thus, Facebook offers them the possibility of having significant visibility on the Web. 

Still, with this tool of being able to sell their products by targeting an audience that they might not have been able to reach before, Internet users, more and more of them, are using mobile to make purchases. This is an actual virtual storefront, easy to use, free to install, and secure, which facilitates the purchasing process by guaranteeing a user journey and a purchasing experience on mobile, among others, fast and fluid.

A Considerable Reach

According to figures published by Facebook at the start of the year, France’s most-used social network has more than 31 million active users per month. In India, 80% of users go to Facebook from a mobile. So, this new section represents a real opportunity for companies that do not have a website or sites that are not very responsive. 

Having a Facebook page dedicated to your activity, therefore, represents considerable potential for visibility and growth. Increasing sales helps generate interest, create engagement, attract new customers, and boost business.

Today, users find the information they seek directly on the company’s or brand’s Facebook Page. They, therefore, no longer need to leave the social network to get information, discover, or contact a company. The online shopping function will reduce the risk of cart abandonment and make the purchase faster without them having to try to visit other competitive sites online.

Promote Your Business And Products

To discover the products of your shop, several possibilities are available to you: Share an effect on your Page: In the Shop section, click “Share” under each product to post on your Facebook page.

  1. Promote a product from your store: As with publications, you can “boost” one of your products by clicking “Promote” from the Store section. Then, choose the audience to which the ad will appear, your budget, and the campaign length.
  2. Tag products on Facebook and Instagram: When you post a status, photo, video, or album on your Page, you can also tag products from your store (30 maximum). Product identification is also possible when you share a photo on Facebook and Instagram.

Add Services To Your Page

This new tool, the Shop section, does not allow service companies to present their services. To overcome this, Facebook has already launched a new function enabling these professionals to add a “Services” section to their Page. They can now promote their offers for free to promote their business further and acquire new customers. 

A well-informed user is more inclined to contact or visit a company to make a purchase. As we spend more and more time on our laptops and tablets, we also expect to do more and more activities through these devices. Finding information, discovering brands, contacting people and companies, buying online, etc. 

To meet these expectations, Facebook now guarantees companies a presence on mobile while allowing them to communicate and sell more efficiently. New features in terms of advertising (dynamic ads, carousel, and canvas), call to action (“Buy” button), and sections dedicated to shopping meet the requirements of mobile users while ensuring good prospects for growth and development for companies.

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