Extratorrent – Is It Possible To Unblock All Extratorrent Sites In 2023?


Extratorrent – Is It Possible To Unblock All Extratorrent Sites In 2023?

An internet index of digital entertainment content and applications, extratorrent (often abbreviated ET), was used by many users. Until users shut it down, it was one of the top five BitTorrent engines in the world, allowing users to search, download, and submit magnet links and torrents. Much stuff, like premium movies, games, and television series, was downloaded through this site. 

People who want P2P file sharing to get music, movies, and games have been using extratorrent since it was first released in 2006. Many torrent sites have gone down in recent years, and the only way to access them is through a VPN, proxy, or tor browser. 

Extratorrent proxy sites will create to let their users access the leading site. It was the most efficient and secure BitTorrent client at the time. This torrent site is also developing a peer to Peer (P2P) database. After the present government stopped or hunted for unlawful internet or web access, extratorrent is the most popular bittorrent system.

About Extratorrent

Finding popular torrent content has never been easier thanks to extratorrents. An option for 720p and 1080p torrents would be more helpful. Thanks to a simple interface, users can locate information and view it with nearly any internet connection.


An admin named “SaM” created an extratorrent in 2006. The website marked its ten-year milestone in November of last year. This platform invited users to estimate the top popular movies on the platform in return for rewards when the website temporarily redesigned its logo and started a contest.


According to Alexa Internet, extra torrents’ principal website address was the 291st most popular website worldwide. extratorrent abruptly and willingly shut down on can 17th, 2017. Before the website’s permanent shutdown, the website had been down for many days owing to an additional vital scenario.

Searching For Torrents Using extratorrent

They are clones of extratorrent.com. The engineers and programmers at these mirror sites are pretty competent and always trying to improve the service. They always have a large number of high-capacity servers, which enables them to distribute the content consistently. In some instances, they are groups of people that work together to offer domains and content for others. As previously mentioned, these sites are often the subject of government bans and legal notifications.

How Does The Extratorrent Proxy Function & What Is It?

Having free updates means that everyone has to engage on the internet. Accessing illegal and unethical video recordings and content is not exactly appropriate, but people can get many free things from sites like extratorrent by using the network. Controlling web intermediaries is an effective strategy. In all circumstances, the extratorrent proxy sites proved ineffective because of the useability of such mature content and abrasive stuff.

Did Extratorrent Cease To Function!

The extratorrent staff used to examine each torrent for speed, legitimacy, and user reviews to make it easy for everyone to figure out the quality. Therefore it was probably the easiest method to securely acquire the ideal deluge. Extratorrent intermediates and mirror locations regularly updated in conjunction with the original extratorrent platform are listed below.

Extratorrents Alternatives In 2023

If people do not want to use extratorrents, or if people are looking for other options. Users can aid extratorrents and other similar sites in a variety of ways. Find out more about the various options for the other torrent website by reading through the content provided below. We have compiled a list of the best extratorrent Alternatives for people below.

The Pirate Bay

People can verify a seeder’s trustworthiness by reading a little portion of the seed’s description on the Pirate Bay. The website’s content is adaptable and can add new things quickly. Once people get to the website, obtaining what they are searching for is not difficult, even though it is constantly changing.

Lime Torrent Proxy

Lime Torrent site is widely regard as one of the best music downloaders on the internet. The platform’s database is constantly expanding with fresh content. There is a safety meter in each file that people can use to assist people in avoiding potentially hazardous information. It is up to people whether or not the site is worth downloading since it provides people with much information.


People can also utilize Tor lock to access the torrent network when attempting to block possible bogus torrents. Around 5 million official torrents are available on the site, so people can be confident people are downloading the correct file. Everything we enjoy about TORLOCK is that it pays its consumers $1 for every phoney torrent they discover on the platform.

Torrent Download

There are a lot of sites out there that provide quick and easy torrent downloads. It is simple to locate what people are looking for on the website’s details page, which includes much information.


Yify.torrent in 2010 came live on the internet. Yiftach Swery, from New Zealand, is the company’s founder. Since then, YTS.am has hosted the site, which has undergone multiple domain name changes. Several Internet service providers (ISPs) throughout the globe have blocked it. Yify-torrents was set up as a fallback to get around this restriction.


There is no better alternative to extratorrent than LimeTorrents. Anyone can easily and quickly download their favourite series, TV episodes, movies, and music. While new releases have a lot of seeders and high speeds, older torrents are often neglected and in bad condition. It is a good fallback option if the preferred torrenting site has been taken down or unavailable lately.


For peer-to-peer file-sharing of its torrent files, 1337x torrent sites use the BitTorrent protocol. They are a great alternative to extratorrents if people want to view the newest movies and other forms of entertainment like music, TV shows, and video games. Because of the Google search prohibition, it has changed its domain name at least once to the domain as its primary site, but it uses it when users cannot reach the main website.

Some other Alternatives

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The Best VPN Choices To Access Extratorrent

To transmit and receive information as if they link to a private network, VPNs leverage public networks to extend a private network across them. As long as people use a VPN service to access extratorrent, no one but people and the VPN service provider can see what people are doing. 

If they do not, low-cost VPN services will force them to scrimp on bandwidth and performance. There are not many things to watch out for when choosing a VPN to do it with an extratorrent alternative: Strictly peer-to-peer, a solid ability to unblock The speed of light, Anti-malware software and a strict no-logs policy. We have compiled a list of the top Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for using extratorrent alternatives.

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Cyberghost


It also features a component for user feedback, where users can rank torrents after downloading them. In a broad sense, it is a highly regarded online resource where many goals go forward and backwards. Keep an eye on the file people are uploading while utilizing torrents since it can frequently lead to malware or virus software getting in. 

Torrent sites have a bad habit of going down, which is no exception. When searching for torrents, however, there are always alternative options. In certain countries, users can prevent this by using a virtual private network (VPN). Extratorrent proxy and unblock extratorrent can both access via a VPN. A VPN is the most secure communication method.


Is extratorrent a safe platform to use?

Yes. Extratorrent is safe to use.

Is it a crime to access extratorrent?

Many nations have enacted blanket bans on torrent sites. Thus it is reasonable to infer that torrenting would be unlawful in such countries. On the other hand, torrenting is not illegal, and it is perfectly legal to sow and download when it relates to copyrighted content. For extratorrent proxy sites, the same holds.

Why should people use a VPN to access the extratorrent proxy?

A virtual private network (VPN) can keep people secure from malicious software and provide a workaround for ISP throttling or restrictions on torrenting. For several reasons, using a virtual private network (VPN) to access extratorrent alternatives is a good idea. Prevent malware, throttling, and privacy violations.

How do Individuals get access to extratorrent proxy sites?

It is possible to think of a proxy site as a website that acts as an intermediary between a user & a server. An extratorrent mirror URL is a copy of the original URL with a different domain name & host code. Using an unauthorized gateway, such as an extratorrent proxy, makes accessing other websites such as BitTorrent easier.

Was it unblocking the extratorrent proxy?

Because there are several solutions for getting past a prohibited torrent site, it is hard to block all of them. Accessing extratorrent proxy sites can be accomplished using any one of three techniques.

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