Everything New At Google: The Highlights Of Search And Maps


Everything New At Google: The Highlights Of Search And Maps

With Search and Maps, Google equips two of its most important services with new functions. Test shows what the search will look like in the future. While the search bar used to suffice for “googling,” voice commands, photos, and images have long since become part of the search process. Google calls this type of search combo search. Various new functions make finding the correct answers more modern, accessible, and immersive. Test shows all innovations. Part of the new features is an update to Google Lens.

While the translated font used to be visible on a color background, it now blends into the original image. As if the new translation were also part of the picture. The enhanced visual experience will be rolled out to the Indian version later this year. As soon as missing information becomes apparent, it is often unclear how this can be formulated in a question. Google has now developed the option of selecting additional keywords based on search terms. This reflects the natural search behavior of users. Once the question has been formulated, the Google search will offer many sources in the future. However, the two functions are currently only planned for the English version in the USA.

Google Lens Helps With Local Shopping

The new function, “Visual search results,” is responsible for not displaying search results in pure text form. Images, slide shows, short information texts, temperature information, and map sections will entertainingly enrich the search results in the future. With Google Lens, the addition “Near me” can also be attached to photographed food, brands, etc. This is used to display restaurants in the area, for example, and makes shopping in local shops easier.

This type of combined search will be introduced in the USA in autumn 2022, but the “Visual Search Results” are unfortunately also reserved for Americans. A final but potentially interesting new feature of the Google search engine is the display of shortcuts. Google recognizes which of its tools, such as Google News, Translate, or Shopping, could help with the search and suggests it directly. This function is also only available in the USA for the time being.

This Is New To Google Maps

Choosing a route that consumes the least fuel instead of the quickest or shortest has existed for a few months in Germany, among other places. Now, this feature has been extended for developers working for delivery services, taxi companies, or other service providers. The aim is to measure and reduce the fuel consumption of entire car fleets. The function will be rolled out everywhere where you could previously select “Fuel-efficient route.” What does the Acropolis look like? Instead of just two-dimensional images, Google Maps now also offers to view landmarks as photorealistic aerial photos. So far, around 100 of these sights have been shown, including the Berliner Tor and Cologne Cathedral.

However, the latest update added 250 global landmarks as of September 28th, which can be viewed in detail using high-resolution Street View, satellite, and aerial imagery. The new “immersive view” function links a lot of data about localities so that Google Maps can be used to see in advance what it will be like there at a point in the future. This affects, for example, the number of guests in a restaurant, the weather, or traffic. The function is location-based and will initially be rolled out for London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

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