Discover What Is Cloud Computing: Is The Technology Of The Moment!

what is cloud computing

What Is Cloud Computing: Safety, innovation and productivity make technology an indispensable tool today. Based on a careful analysis and diagnosis, the consultancy identifies a company’s needs and possible solutions, always taking the market’s vision of innovation, whether for a redesign of processes or recommending improvements in existing methods.

The term “cloud storage” is no longer new to the market. A few years ago, we heard the expression referring to the technology that allows the conservation of documents, data, materials, photos and music in an online cloud computing provider through logical pools.  

The concept of technology, also called Cloud Computing, will associate with John McCarthy. In the 1960s, programming creator LISP discussed the idea of ​​time-sharing computing, Utility Computing. Later in 1962, physicist Joseph Carl and computer scientist Leonard Kleinrock 1969 endorsed the concept of sharing. The development of these studies is possible to create data sharing, but in 1997, the term cloud computing will officially use in academia. 

Know Other Aspects

In the 2000s, when cloud computing begin to commercialize and comprehensively entered the market through significant players. Such as Google, Amazon and Netflix, the technology will receive the spotlight and today dominates the agenda of CEOs worldwide. Is it worth investing in the tool to drive a company’s digital transformation?  

For those who have not yet fully unveiled the mechanism, Cloud Computing offers information technology resources through shared servers interconnected by the internet, allowing data storage and access at any time and place globally.  

The organizational structure of the company will assess. How do these changes affect practices, teams and management? Perhaps it is necessary to improve the company’s organizational structure so that the plan is by the intentions outlined. Consulting is directly related to the client’s needs. What determines the process are the objectives to be achieved and the company’s current scenario.  Cloud Computing technology is comprehensive and covers a few different modalities with different functionalities. Understand how one of the main options of cloud computing, Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), works.  


This cloud storage model allows companies to develop their storage infrastructure better through technological resources. Cloud computing as a service infrastructure is directly related to the organization’s network capacity, which can be seriously compromised over time.

With the implementation of IaaS, the company guarantees more storage space, modernization of the process, greater security in data archiving and optimization of time and financial resources by centralizing data in just one Infrastructure.  With the implementation of the Infrastructure as a service and the use of what is cloud computing. The definition of the payment structure will create to use. Users pay only for the resources used. 

Cloud Computing Implementation  

With the advancement of digital transformation and the race of organizations to adapt to market trends. What is cloud computing is no longer a condition. And it is not “if the company needs to adopt the technology” but “when the company will adopt it”. The technology”. 

For the managers of an organization, the cloud issue should be a priority on the implementation plan, as it significantly increases the agility of the corporation, the strength of internal processes and the ability to optimize, and is the basis for the implementation of other innovative technologies.  

The strategic value attributed to the service of a company that implements computing grows not only due to optimized work, regular updates, or a competitive technology advantage. But also because the organization is ahead of the market in the face of trends for customers who are always looking for service more up-to-date and prepared to serve you. Don’t waste time on transformation. Assess how this infrastructure as a service will implement in your business. And prepare for times of constant innovation and growth. 

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