Discover How G Suite Automates Business Processes

Discover How G Suite Automates Business Processes

Discover How G Suite Automates Business Processes

Business Processes: Process automation is an essential strategy for organizations looking to stand out. With the increasing demand for profits and productivity, the workflow also increases.

Thus, it becomes necessary to delegate routine tasks to specialized software, so the team does not suffer from work overload.

G Suite automation ensures that complex activities are done in seconds and provides a more pleasant work environment due to the fluidity with which tasks are performed. Keep reading this article to learn more about how G Suite can help you in these aspects!

Improves The Integration Of Departments

Promoting integration between departments is not an easy task. The more segmented the departments, the more difficult it becomes to establish attunement between teams, which inevitably reflects on the quality of work. Investing in resources that unite employees ensures everyone is focused on the same goals.

Communication Tools

The leading G Suite communication apps are the ones we already know: Gmail, Hangouts and Calendar. The difference is that their enterprise versions offer several features specific to your business needs.

With Gmail, you can count on secure storage, real-time notifications, and a personalized email address with your brand name. Hangouts allow you to exchange individual or group messages, video calls, and chat directly from your inbox.

With the Calendar feature, you can create sharable events between employees and make them public for your customers to see.

Real-Time Teamwork

G Suite enables collaborative work through applications similar to traditional office suites available online. So you can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations in your browser and access them from other places and devices. In addition, collaborators can edit files simultaneously, even if they are in different locations.

Provides Information At Any Time

OG Suite is a cloud computing solution. This means that, instead of being installed on your computer, the platform is hosted on Google servers, and you can access it online from anywhere in the world.

Accessibility And Synchronization

Many companies still share information manually. This generates extra work that could be invested in other, more critical activities. With G Suite, sharing and updates are done automatically and in seconds.

Offline Access

Even though its features are available online, that doesn’t mean you won’t have access to G Suite without internet, as you can configure it also to work offline. Thus, you can read and write emails, for example, and the platform automatically sends them as soon as the connection to the network is established.

Keeps Corporate Data Safe

Regarding online storage, one of the biggest concerns is data security. This fear is understandable, but data leakage only becomes a problem when security is not implemented correctly.

Google offers the best technologies on the market, and large institutions such as the Red Cross, Colgate-Palmolive and Whirlpool use its services. To handle such important customer information, your product security needs to be cutting edge.

Organization And Administration

The Admin Console allows the G Suite account administrator to set or restrict access for other users and mobile devices. It also has complete control over security settings and can even limit the geographic location of your data at rest.

Privacy And Transparency

Google does not collect, store or use its users’ data for advertising purposes, and it keeps its consumers constantly informed of its policies through reports. In addition, all emails sent through G Suite are encrypted.

Increases Employee Productivity And Performance

When there are a lot of small tasks to be done, the team loses focus on the bigger goals. G Suite offers a great differentiator, as it reduces employees’ workload by automating many of these daily activities.

Faster And More Efficient Execution Of Projects

G Suite offers intelligent applications for teams to work on the same document simultaneously. As the apps integrate, collaborators can still edit files while communicating via chat tools.

In addition to being much more agile, this also makes the execution of projects more efficient, as fewer mistakes are made and failures are detected and corrected promptly. The work is already done within the standards adopted by the company.

Do Full Monitoring

As mentioned in this article, Google is very concerned about the safety of its customers. That’s why Google Cloud Platform has a security monitoring system that detects suspicious activity and potential risks to your data and applications.

Monitoring includes preventing data loss, account hijacking, files infected with malware, malicious applications, spam and email scams. You will receive security alerts informing you of any of these threats.

In addition to criminals trying to access your information, it can also happen that an employee shares sensitive information by mistake. The system prevents these actions from occurring or detects and corrects the problem before it causes damage.

Automatic Monitoring

Monitoring is automated by the platform and operates without you having to participate in the actions. Just configure the system to assess the risks and take the necessary corrective actions.

Assertive And Personalized Reports

G Suite generates reports on organization and employee activities. Thus, you have access to complete reports on user behavior, application activity, security and monitoring. You can even customize charts and tables with information that is relevant to you.

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