Digital Marketing Terms You Need To Know

Digital Marketing Terms You Need To Know

Digital Marketing Terms You Need To Know

Digital Marketing Terms: With the rise of the online world, companies saw in digital a massive potential for sales and audience reach. Without the physical limitations of space, Digital Marketing can span from a specific neighborhood to an entire country.

In this context, it is enough to keep in mind some basic concepts of Digital Marketing that, if applied correctly, will be even more efficient.

Knowing this, we have separated in this article 10 Digital Marketing terms that you need to know and learn more about the concepts and practical applications. This way, your business has everything to take off through websites, digital platforms, social networks, etc. Count on Digital Marketing in your favor and see exponential sales growth!

Discover The Ten Most Used Words In Digital Marketing

Knowing the exponential growth that Digital Marketing has had in recent years, we need to demystify some facts and, above all, conceptualize the ten most used terms in the area. Since the academics decoded the site, most of them are from English.

If you want to use the right tools from the virtual world to boost your business, you’re in the right place! So, keep reading until the end and stay on top of Digital Marketing words and terms.


CTA is the abbreviation for Call To Action, loosely translated as “call to action.” CTAs can be arranged through texts, images, banners, links, etc. Its primary function is to provoke the user’s interaction: in other words, to call him to action. This way, it is possible to guarantee new clicks, customers, subscribers, etc.


KPIs are the Key Performance Indicators. They serve as a thermometer for companies to analyze data related to their digital performance. It is possible to outline new strategies and goals through the metrics presented by the KPI.

Bounce Rate Or Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the concept applied to the non-interaction of a user with other pages or links on the website he is on. If a person enters a page, for example, and, from there, does not interact with other links on the same site, the domain bounce rate increases. As one of the digital marketing terms, it is most present in data analysis teams.


Leads are definitely among the most talked about digital marketing terms. Leads are those potential buyers of a product, whether physical or digital. Leads are usually people who have given some information to a company, which will use this information for a more genuine and assertive relationship with users from then on.


Which would be “Cost Per Click.” In this sense, CPC is the average, in money, of the amount paid for a digital ad and how many clicks that ad generated for the paying company.


CTR (Click Through Rate) is the ratio of clicks an ad has divided by the number of times it was viewed. An ad viewed 200 times and generated only ten clicks had a CTR of 5%. In this way, we can say that CTR = Clicks ÷ Impressions.


CPA, or Cost per Acquisition, is one of the ways to invest in Digital Marketing. CPA means that the advertiser only pays the domain when there is some interaction with the ad. In this case, if the user only sees the ad, the advertiser does not pay.


The Persona, in short, is the personification of an ideal customer. She must have specific characteristics, from personal tastes and hobbies to city of residence or hair color. The better defined a brand’s Persona is, the easier it is to create advertising pieces or digital target campaigns.


A Sales Funnel consists of three stages in purchasing a product: Top, Middle, and Bottom. The top of the funnel is a period of capturing and selecting potential customers. This process occurs through the qualification of leads so that they are aware of the brand.

The middle of the funnel is a phase to generate value and transform the desired brand into a reference in a particular subject. In this way, the customer has more confidence in the purchase and can be transferred to the bottom of the funnel. The fund is already in a phase where it is necessary to reinforce values ​​and ensure confidence to close the sale of the desired product.

Link Building

Link Building is the concept given to the act of being referenced and cited on other sites. When you are linked from a third-party website, search engines understand your company as a reference in a particular subject and tend to place you in higher positions on search pages. For this, it is possible to make partnerships, and exclusive contacts, among others.

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