Digital Marketing Business For Small Sectors: Understand The Importance

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Digital Marketing Business For Small Sectors: Understand The Importance

In recent years, digital marketing business for small sector will consolidate itself as a fundamental strategy. For those starting a business and those who have been in the market longer.

And you know: in businesses where word of mouth is an important tool to acquire new customers, investing in the web can be a differentiator to stand out in the middle.  After all, people spend more than 100 days a year connected. According to the Digital 2020: Global Digital Overview report, promoted by We Are Social and Hootsuite, the global average internet usage time is 6 hours and 43 minutes per day.

And there’s more! According to a survey conducted by HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to see more content from a brand or company they appreciate. Through blogs, social networks, email, and other digital channels, it is possible to map and discover your ideal customer profile, strengthen your brand, gain authority in the market and, above all, grow. 

This broadens the range of possibilities for small businesses and makes the mission more complex. After all, do you know how to design the best digital marketing strategy for small businesses? In this post, we will explain the main topics to consider and the importance of digital marketing for small businesses. Follow along, and happy reading!

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Being connected is a fundamental part of developing your business — and something considered standard nowadays, in a world where digital marketing for small businesses is so consolidated. What was once seen by many as vanity today proves to be important for their growth. Data released by HubSpot showed that 90% of users use the internet to investigate and compare prices for products and services. But what about small businesses? What does that mean? Well, several things!

For example: Local searches jumped from 15% in 2016 to 39% in 2019. In other words, people are increasingly looking for businesses that are physically close to them. Additionally, 51% of smartphone users discovered a new company while searching the internet. This is becoming the most practical route for those looking for products, services and brands.

To give you an idea, about 74% of consumers consult social networks to base their purchase decisions, according to data from Digital Marketing Magazine. But to get good results, you need patience, strategy and good content to offer. Therefore, we have some actions that are fundamental for us to follow.

How Important Is Digital Marketing Business For Small Industries?

Digital marketing for small businesses is an important component of your success. It is an indispensable ingredient in the strategy of any organization today. But for small businesses, the challenge is often even greater.

After all, these are businesses that do not have the same resources as larger-scale companies. In many cases — as perhaps yours, reader — the entrepreneur is both the founder of the company and the person responsible for marketing.

According to statistics from a Lead Page study, that’s the reality for 47% of small business owners. Although it seems complicated, it is perfectly possible to design an effective and precise strategy that contributes to your goals and directs the company towards its growth.

Many players at the head of small businesses consider that only offline advertising is effective as an investment in communication. However, this is not exactly a fact. No matter how small, companies must embrace digital to maximize their sales and make their presence noticed in the virtual environment.

It’s a way to harness the immense potential of digital tools and social networks to reach an audience you didn’t even know existed. However, it is worth mentioning: that digital marketing is very fluid, dynamic and constantly changing. One day a tactic will work perfectly, and then it may not have the same results.

Digital Marketing Business Techniques For Small Domains?

Dreams are usually very big and ambitious when implementing digital marketing for small businesses, right? However, caution is needed and, above all, knowledge about the intricate paths of the digital world. So, before you start writing blog posts or advertising on a social network, how about checking out the main digital marketing techniques for small businesses?  Check out the list we prepared for you!

Content Marketing

As the name implies, this action aims to work on relevant content for you to be well-positioned in search engines and engage your audience. The best strategy is related to delivering valuable and relevant content, with information that heals the pain of your persona and that can, little by little, attract them until they become potential customers. We should base our content practically on personas, keywords and funnel stage.


To know the best way to approach your audience, we have to know who they are. For this, it is important to research to develop a semi-fictional person who will guide the way your content will be written. This profile is called a “persona”.

You will describe everything about your ideal customer: who they are, how they live, what their needs are, their expectations, the content channels they consume, how your company can remedy their pain, etc.


Another essential point when thinking about good content is knowing what the ideal keyword is for your text to appear among the first on Google.  All content that will develop to build base on this term.

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