<strong>Difference Between Windows 10 And 11: Which One To Choose</strong>


Difference Between Windows 10 And 11: Which One To Choose

Windows 10 was, for a long time, the main version of the operating system from Microsoft. After years of continuous updates, the Redmond development team has decided to break the delay, launching the new Windows 11 in 2021. Even today, many users are still deciding or have not understood the difference between Windows 10 and 11.

Several elements distinguish the two versions of the popular operating System. The new version offers a more Mac-like aesthetic, more productivity features, and the ability to use Android apps on your Windows 11 computer finally. This study will analyze them in detail, focusing on the latest upgrades’ main innovations.

Differences Between Windows 10 And Windows 11

What changes between Windows 10 and Windows 11? Let’s start with the design and the interface: as anticipated, Windows 11 has an interface that recalls the macOS operating system, with an excellent design, rounded corners and pastel shades. Compared to Windows 10.

The arrangement of the famous Start menu also changes, which moves to the center of the display together with the taskbar (but it is still possible to move both backs to the left if you prefer the classic setting).

The other big news is Android app integration, available now on Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store and Amazon Appstore. Windows users can only be happy with this choice, which gives the “The” to what appears to be, in all respects, a fusion between mobile and portable devices.

But the news didn’t end there. Still looking at the Mac, Windows 11 has introduced the possibility of setting up virtual desktops: in fact, it is possible to switch from one desktop to another simultaneously; this feature was already present in Windows 10 but difficult to configure and use.

Also interesting are the new features of Snap Groups and Snap Layouts: these are collections of applications in the system tray which can be displayed or minimized simultaneously to facilitate the transition from one activity to another. Finally, the digital pen in Windows 11 should also be mentioned, which allows you to feel and perceive the vibrations when it is used to draw or take notes.

Windows 11 News

In summary, the new features of Windows 11 primarily concern the user interface and other graphic elements. But that’s not all: in addition to what was seen in the previous paragraph, among the most interesting new features, we find the integration of two fixed buttons in the application bar: Chat and Widget.

The control panel is also completely renewed, as are the icons on the desktop, the task view screen and the Windows search. Also, sound-wise, we have a new startup sound for Windows 11.

Other new Windows 11 features absent in Windows 10 are auto HDR, which enhances image colors, Microsoft Teams chat integration, Direct Storage for reducing loading times, restore without solution of continuity and the possibility of carrying out faster and less heavy updates. Conversely, some features are present in the previous version of the operating system (i.e., Windows 10) that we no longer find in Windows 11. 

We are talking about tablet mode, Windows S (present only for the Home version of Windows 11), the News & Interests section, Cortana assistant, Internet Explorer, and default apps like 3D Viewer, OneNote for Windows 10, Paint 3D, and Skype.

Minimum Requirements Windows 11

Those who intend to take advantage of all the new features of Windows 11 should carefully check the system requirements necessary to have an optimal computing experience. First, it is necessary to evaluate whether the PC’s processor is adequate: Windows 11 requires a 1 GHz processor or a faster one with two or more cores.

 As for the RAM, it will be necessary to have a number equal to or greater than  4 GB, while the internal storage must be at least 64 GB. System firmware must be UEFI and Secure Boot compatible – Secure Boot can only be enabled with UEFI. The TPM (Trusted Platform Module) must be at least version 2.0.

DirectX 12 or later compatibility with the WDDM 2.0 driver is required to move on to the graphics card. With reference instead to the visualization, the high definition one (720p) must be greater than 9″ diagonally, 8 bits per color channel. If the display size is smaller than 9″, the Windows UI may not be obvious. Finally, Windows 11 Home Edition requires an Internet connection and a Microsoft account for setting up the device on first use.

Which Version Of Windows 11 Or 10 To Choose

There are four versions of Windows 10, each designed for a particular target (and therefore used):

  1. Windows 10 Home: designed for home use of the PC, therefore for users who do not have particular needs in management and development on local networks or intranets. It integrates all the features for a complete experience concerning daily activities. It is, therefore, a version also suitable for self-employed workers or for those who have a small office with few workstations;
  2. Windows 10 Pro (also available online with a discount of 110 euros ): suitable for professionals and medium-sized companies. At the level of management and administration, support for Group Policy and access to the Windows Store for Business are two elements of improvement; the same can be said for Dynamic Provisioning and Shared PC Configuration. Compared to Home, it is possible to postpone updates (which are not necessarily to be installed at the moment), and there is a decidedly more up-to-date security sector: BitLocker, Device Encryption, and Trusted Boot are present;
  3. Windows 10 Enterprise: the most complete and powerful version, intended for medium and large companies;
  4. Windows 10 Education: reserved for school offices, has the same features as Windows 10 Enterprise;
  5. Windows 10 S is a light, low-cost version designed for the school market.

Moving on to Windows 11, there are three versions available for now:

  1. Windows 11 Home: Can use 64 cores and 128GB of RAM, requires an internet connection to set up and doesn’t allow access to the Task Directory. Client mode can be used via Microsoft Remote Desktop. As for security, you need to install one of the apps available in the store, which can protect your PC effectively;
  2. Windows 11 Pro: can use 128 cores and 2TB of RAM and allows login using a local account; it has Hyper-V, Windows Sandbox, and access to the host via Microsoft Remote Desktop. In addition, it uses BitLocker encryption (all data is encrypted on the hard disk and decrypted using a password established by the user) and features the WIP (Windows Information Protection) tool, which protects information without them being extracted from the device;
  3. Windows 11 Enterprise: Purpose-built for the needs of businesses and IT professionals, Windows 11 Enterprise, enables better cloud-based analytics and management, turning PCs into streamlined, easy-to-manage cloud endpoints. Additionally, this version of Windows 11 takes advantage of Bitlocker To Go for data protection.

The best version of Windows 10 or 11, therefore, depends on the specific use that will be made of it and on the technical characteristics of your PC. For business use, for example, the best version will undoubtedly be Windows 11 Pro, given its degree of security and the imposing management and administrative structure. However, Windows 11 Home will be more than enough for Home or individual use.

Alternatively, it is possible to take advantage of one of the previous versions of Windows and save on licensing costs. You can buy Windows 10  at an advantageous price, taking advantage of offers and discounts on digital stores such as Mr Key Shop and the free upgrade to Windows 11. In this case, we recommend reading our in-depth study on how to activate Windows 10, which contains valuable tips.

How To Upgrade To Windows 11 For free

Users wondering how to upgrade the operating system to Windows 11 for free should know that the update to the latest version of the Microsoft operating system is currently free, with the same performance, for all those with a valid Windows 10 license.

Therefore, for a PC with the Windows 10 operating system, wait for the update to be free or manually download the update from the official Microsoft website. In the latter case, the steps to be taken are as follows:

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. go to Settings
  3. go to Update & Security
  4. under Windows Update, press Check for updates
  5. if the PC is ready and meets all the requirements, the Download and install button will appear
  6. Press this button and then Accept and install

Once the download is complete, click on the Restart button. Once your PC restarts, Windows 11 will be installed. However, users who want to upgrade to a more advanced version of Windows 11 (for example, from Windows 10 Home to Windows 11 Pro) or who have older versions must necessarily purchase a product key for Windows 11.

In this regard, we advise against using cracked and illegal software, as they could cause malfunctions and be blocked by Windows after a short time. Furthermore, non-original operating systems could hide malware and viruses, thus jeopardizing the security of your data and the company.

How to reduce the costs related to the license of the new operating system and be able to rely on legal and functional software? Only some people know it is possible to get Windows 11 at a discounted price from third-party resellers.

On specialized e-commerce like Mr Key Shop, you can buy Windows 11  and save compared to the total price offered by the Microsoft store. Mr Key Shop allows you to activate Windows by purchasing it on offer, providing fully functional and legal licenses in full compliance with the relevant European regulations.

How To Download And Install Windows 11

Once you have obtained the license, you must follow a few steps to install Windows 11. 

First, you need to connect to the Microsoft page dedicated to downloading Windows 11, from which you can download the Windows 11 installation assistant. Once this is done, you will need to start it and follow the instructions on the screen.

If the PC in use is compatible, it will be necessary to select the language, press the Next button and then Install. At this point, you will need to enter the purchased Windows 11 product key. Once this step is completed, the user will only have to choose the edition of Windows 11 among those proposed and accept the terms of use of Windows. Furthermore, you can decide whether to upgrade your current version of Windows without losing data or perform a custom installation.

Suppose you purchase a license for Windows 11  on the Mr Key Shop website; however, immediately after completing the purchase procedure. In that case, you will receive clear instructions for upgrading your existing System to Windows 11 or, if the example of a new build, to download and install the new operating System.

Product Key Windows 11: How To Activate The Operating System While Saving

To activate Windows 11 correctly, you must first obtain the relevant license. If you contact Mr Key Shop to purchase the Windows 11 Product Key, the email containing the purchased license will also have the instructions necessary to activate the operating System.

To activate Windows after installation or to change the license on an already active PC, you will need to open the Start menu, go to Settings, System and Activation, and choose to Update your edition of Windows. At this point, click on Change (next to the Change Product Key item ).

As already mentioned, you cannot get a free Windows 11 license, except for illegal permits, which may put your documents and sensitive personal information in grave danger. For this reason, we recommend using a 100% legal and secure license store such as Mr Key Shop, which offers Windows 10 and 11 at the best price. To do this, choose the operating System’s version and buy it by taking advantage of the advantageous prices offered by this well-known e-store.

But competitive prices and reliability are not the only strong points of this online retailer: the payment methods available are secure and traced (PayPal, card, Amazon Pay and others), and everything needed to download, install and activate the product is sent to the user via email within minutes of purchase.

Furthermore, on each item, there is the possibility of obtaining a full refund in case of wrong purchase. Also noteworthy is the customer assistance service of Mr Key Shop, which is well organized, free and in Italian (which is not a given for services of this type). It is no coincidence that on TrustPilot, the score is 4.9 out of 5, with over 2000 positive reviews.


We have concluded this guide, in which we have analyzed the main differences between Windows 10 and 11 and which version should be chosen based on your specific needs. Furthermore, we have discovered that it is possible to purchase operating system licenses by saving considerably without giving up the necessary guarantees.

 On Mr Key Shop, it is, in fact, likely to buy a Windows 11 license at discounted prices, but not only: on the store, you can buy Windows 10, choose the Office packages to use in the company and download antivirus software for PC, Mac or smartphone, for the security of your devices. While waiting for the next Windows 12 edition to arrive, all that remains is to test all the exciting features of Windows 11.

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