Conscious Consumption In Digital Marketing: Trends That Get Stronger

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Conscious Consumption In Digital Marketing: Trends That Get Stronger

Conscious consumption in digital marketing is an urgent debate. When we talk about consumption habits in the 21st century. Conscious consumption and sustainability are the most spoken words of the moment.

In addition to expressing new consumer habits, these trends also change companies’ attitudes, transforming consumer relations. Many organizations adopt this new posture to reinvent their attitudes, show a positive image and captivate new and old customers through a philosophy of supporting the environment and social responsibility.

Understand How Conscious Consumption Happens In Digital Marketing :

How can one help the other? Everything happens because of the ability of digital marketing to bring customers and the company closer – see the growth of media such as Facebook and Instagram, focused mainly on engagement and communication between these two channels.

Conscious consumption in digital marketing, in addition to worrying about the making and disposal of its products, also allows the brand to focus on actions that impact its customers, showing them that it is primarily concerned with the attitude of those who consume and with the world they live in.

In addition, conscious consumption in digital marketing is encouraged from the moment our work aims to educate consumers about products and brands. When we offer content about a product or service, all the information we have about them, although they have a commercial nature, is based on purely informational criteria, making people understand what the product is and whether they need it.


Success Case: NATURA

The company launched a structuring plan to resume growth, it earned 4.6% less revenue– which envisaged digitizing the company’s processes as much as possible, aiming at agility and more excellent communication with consumers and resellers. The brand created a gift policy to engage its customers with the new campaign. When purchasing any product from the SOU line, customers receive a differentiated gift according to the product.

After purchasing any genre from the line, the package code should be registered on the promotion website to determine which prize was received. Thus, Natura managed to marry three segments, one of them being a classic example of conscious consumption in digital marketing. In addition to offline consumption, traffic on its website and customer engagement were combined with the brand’s positive image.

This case shows that encouraging sustainability and investing in actions that encourage conscious consumption in digital marketing do not slow down your company’s profits – as some entrepreneurs may think -but add other values ​​to your business. Through this exercise of reflection on the consumer, you help your brand stand out among the rest. Your company will take a stand (very correct and necessary) and will always be remembered for that.

The World Changes With Technologies, And Technology Change The World

New platforms are appearing, and new possibilities for consumption are emerging with them. Applications that unite trends and concepts such as conscious consumption, shared economy, sustainability, and DIY are increasingly popular. A world that is more human and full of reflections is getting closer. Every day that goes by, the digital transformation changes the consumer’s behavior, who becomes more and more interested in creative ideas and actions. Is that you? Are you going to stand still or grow with the world?

How To Implement The Business Management Of My Company?

Create Your Business Plan

Conduct market research, evaluating the competition and the receptivity of your target audience to your product. From there, establish your business plan seeking to develop the economic viability of your project even before there is an investment of financial resources.

Determine Administrative And Financial Controls

What tools will be used in your company’s day-to-day to carry out financial control? Several tools are available on the market – some are even free! The important thing is to choose a device that fits the reality of your company. One tip is to invest in an online ERP system that allows easy registration and access to business information. The business management software offers specific modules to carry out financial control, inventory, customer and supplier registration, issuing electronic invoices, monitoring cash flow, receipts and payments, and allowing the generation of customizable reports that contribute to making important decisions for the company. The use of commercial automation software helps optimize company resources, identifying opportunities or problems that may arise, allowing for the anticipation of the solution.

Create A Working System

The standardization of the work process contributes to the organization and efficiency of the results. When people know what they should do and the importance of their activities, workflows improve results delivery. In addition, when something goes off course, you can immediately identify what is wrong and correct it.

Thus, it is part of the company manager’s role to create a workflow that allows this optimization. To create this workflow, it is necessary to identify all the company’s activities needed for the proper development of activities and those responsible for each stage and then define the ideal routine.

Invest In Promoting The Company

To remember, you must see. Therefore, to ensure a good flow of customers and good sales numbers. It is necessary to invest in attracting new customers. Today the best way to attract the target audience is through digital marketing strategies. It is essential to ensure that your company has a presence on the networks through a blog. Profiles on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and its domain.

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