ClubHouse: How It Works, And What It Could Become


ClubHouse: How It Works, And What It Could Become

These days, we have tried ClubHouse, a unique social network, not based on photos, videos or video calls but on voice. The Clubhouse is a great voice chat where anyone can open a room and talk to friends or strangers about a specific topic. At the time of writing on ClubHouse, there are over 2 million people, and the number of members proliferates. There are already dozens of influencers and VIPs on ClubHouse.

 Many DJs and radio speakers participate in and moderate the virtual rooms. Fiorello, Morgan, actors and celebrities open and close virtual rooms as if there were no tomorrow. To enter ClubHouse, you need to receive an invitation from those participating in the platform. You may be wondering… How can I get an invite? We find out at the end of the article, so keep reading.

What is ClubHouse

In the app store, Clubhouse is described as an “audio chat,” a virtual chat room where people communicate with their voice rather than text. No comments or direct messages. There is no text communication except what you write on your user profile. The platform is based on audio. Voice conversations are real-time, so people are in a room together.

Users can only enter and leave rooms to listen as spectators or be called to the stage to participate in the discussion. Users can create or join live virtual chat rooms on any topic. The range of topics could cover anything from music to TV series on Netflix to politics to sports.

How ClubHouse Works

The Clubhouse is a social network based on participation in vocal rooms. As anticipated, there are no text chats or webcams; only the microphone is used. The peculiarity of ClubHouse is just this. Anyone can create rooms, private or public. You can name the room so other social media participants can join. ClubHouse, like all social networks, is based on followers. You can follow people and be followed by your friends.

 The more followers you have, the more chances there will be many people participating in your rooms. All are speakers, but only some can speak. You can listen, then be part of the audience of a room, or moderate and then be the room’s speaker. You can raise your hand and ask to speak when you are in the audience. But we warn you, and it’s not so simple to speak.

A Big Wind Happened At The Club House

Some have used clubHouse to create a Musicologie: Operation of ClubHouse. The interface is a bit spartan; once you have received the invitation and configured your profile, you will begin the adventure in the ClubHouse. When you first log in, the default home screen shows a list of rooms you can join; rooms are suggested based on who you follow. There’s no easy way to search for rooms to join based on a topic. However, you can search for users who can lead you to topics of interest.  The icons you find at the top are:

  1. The icon for searching for people.
  2. The icon where you can send invitations to join
  3. The icon with scheduled events
  4. The icon with the Club House activity
  5. At the bottom right, you will find the icon that allows you to access your friend list: the users you follow and who have followed you.

Accessibility Of Club House

Although many visually impaired and blind people have entered the ClubHouse and are participating and creating rooms, the accessibility of the ClubHouse is a bit precarious. Very many buttons need to be labeled. Thanks to VoiceOver’s text and image recognition, it is possible to get an idea of ​​​​the ClubHouse interface. We learned how to become a speaker and speak on the virtual stage. A sound warns you that you can speak and take the stage. 

A notification pops up, but it’s hard to place your finger on the button to become a speaker. You can access the stage by tapping on your profile; you will find the initials of your name and surname on the screen, and on the screen that opens, tap on the button that allows you to become a speaker. To mute the microphone, tap the button at the bottom right. To leave the room, however, you need to tap the button at the bottom left.

How To Receive An Invitation And Participate In ClubHouse

Many sites have created chains of invitations to bring many people to the Clubhouse; we copy the idea and make it our own. Sign up on our GroupsIO email group to participate in the chain of invitations and be able to access the ClubHouse social network. Ask for an invitation, and someone a group member has sent will invite you.

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