Call In Hidden: How To Hide Your Number On Android And iPhone

Call In Hidden

Call In Hidden: How To Hide Your Number On Android And iPhone

Hiding the mobile phone number from interlocutors is quite possible. It can be done permanently as well as temporarily. Please find out how to prevent your correspondents from seeing who calls them with an Apple iPhone or Android Smartphone.

Reasons For Not Showing Caller ID

Calling unknown people can arise for many reasons; some are legitimate, and some are not. Some examples of legitimate reasons for making a call with a hidden number or in private mode or privileged mode:

  1. Remain unknown by calling an administrative or commercial service
  2. To get information without being bothered
  3. When we are wrongly recalled
  4. When buying from a classifieds site
  5. The urge to hide his Number to prank a friend

Some people find it sometimes beneficial to hide their Number. Choosing to share it also means giving someone else our personal information. Then, unwanted calls or SMS like spam can happen, or identity theft in the worst case. Yet, it is frustrating for individuals to receive these calls. They are even expensive for small businesses, which use phone lines to respond to their customers and prospects. Hiding your phone number is a choice for everyone because some people do not need it.

 Remember that regardless of the reasons, the recipient has every right to block unknown numbers. He also has the option of rejecting the call without even picking up. Be careful; harassing a correspondent anonymously is not legal. In this case, even if hidden, the police and justice services can find the Number. Because the telephone operators always keep traces of the calls. It should also be noted that some organizations must be called on something other than an unknown call. Here are some examples to know:

  1. Samu: the 15th,
  2. The emergency police: on the 17th,
  3. Firefighter: 18,
  4. European emergency number: 112.

Calling While Hiding Your Number

There are several ways to make a private call, permanently and occasionally. Call temporarily with a hidden number. It is easy for those who wish to hide their number ad hoc on their Android or iPhone phone. To do this, press the “Telephone” application and enter the “Dial” section. Then enter #31#, a universal prefix, followed by the corresponding Number and initiates the call. Afterwards, the correspondent will not see any number displayed on his telephone screen.

The advantage of this method is that it remains punctual. It is also suitable for all types of telephones and is free. However, it has a downside as it is temporary. The Number is displayed on the next call. So, it would help if you typed it each time you wanted to call everything on a private or unknown number.

Hide Number Is Displayed Permanently On Android

Android has integrated a function that permanently blocks the display of a number during a call. It is an operator-independent method that remains active even after changing the SIM card. Usually, this trick can be found in the settings of the Phone application. With an Android mobile phone, you cannot reveal your identifier to all calls. Select “Additional settings” or “More settings” when you are in the Phone application settings.

 The incognito mode can be deactivated similarly by clicking “Show my number” at the end. For a Samsung smartphone, open the Phone application and click on the three dots on the right and top of the screen. Touching on settings and clicking on “Additional Services” is next. This approach is compatible with Samsung Experience, such as Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10 and others.

To hide the Number with a Huawei smartphone, open the Phone application and click on the three dots on the right at the top of the screen. Just like the others, you must click on “Settings” afterwards. Its difference lies in this menu; before finding “Hide number”, we must first enter the area dedicated to the SIM card and click on “More” and then on “Caller number”. 

This trick suits Emotion UI such as P30 Pro, P30, Mate 20, P20 Pro, P20, etc. The process for Android smartphones may vary from one phone model to another. It also differs depending on the version of the system. Some manufacturers have added a software overlay. So, you have to dig around a bit.

Hide Number Display Permanently With iPhone

Like Android, iPhone has also integrated a function to block the display of numbers during a call permanently. It is also independent of the operator and remains active even after changing the SIM card. The process of hiding your Number with an iPhone is a little simpler. To do this, access the “Settings” and the “Telephone” section. Then, enter “Show my number” and finish by unchecking the “Show my number” button to play the trick. To deactivate this feature, repeat the same tutorial and finish by clicking “Show my number”. This technique is compatible with iOS 16.

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