Buy Instagram Followers: The Best Solution To Increase ?


Buy Instagram Followers: The Best Solution To Increase ?

Propelled by the massive use of smartphones, social networks have taken on considerable importance in our daily lives. Now used by more than 30% of the world’s population, they are proving to be a godsend for companies wishing to make themselves known and put their products and services in the spotlight. Focus on Instagram, one of the most popular social networks for Internet users and businesses, especially VSEs and SMEs.

Social Networks: A Commercial Opportunity For Companies

Over the past ten years, online buying has grown exponentially, and social network users have exploded. Thus, Facebook has more than 31 million active users in France, while LinkedIn has more than 10 million. With the growth in social media users, companies quickly saw it as a unique channel to increase their visibility. 

They have therefore implemented a web marketing strategy based on an active presence on social networks. But how to increase the visibility of your company via social networks? Why Buying Instagram Followers Can Boost Your Sales and Increase your notoriety? How to use influencer marketing wisely?

It should be understood that by being visible, accessible, and active on social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, your company will benefit from a better brand image. Thanks to social networks, companies benefit from many advantages:

  1.  Quick and easy promotion: Research has shown that over 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a product or service if they’ve seen a positive experience with it on social media.
  2. A great help in finding potential customers: you can consider social networks as an online customer service that allows you to identify and attract your target quickly.
  3. Access to a real strategic intelligence tool: if your company has just been created, it is essential to collect information on the actions and news of your competitors. Feedback from people via social media will help you achieve this.
  4. A tool for better selling: whether from a BtoB or BtoC perspective, social networks are a direct communication channel with the public. They allow you to easily remove the last restrictions on purchasing from potential customers and retain former customers.
  5. An excellent way to measure your company’s e-reputation: as contact with the public is done live on social networks, you can learn what they think of you, your products or services, your after-sales service, etc.

Focus On Instagram: A Booming Social Network

Instagram is a growing social network with around one billion active users. In France, there are more than 16 million users, most of whom are young. As a reminder, this smartphone social network allows you to share photos and videos via stories, comment, interact via polls, react to a publication, or even leave private messages.

This tool is ideal for boosting the notoriety of your company, especially if you want to target a young audience; moreover, the application offers the opportunity to achieve geographical targeting of the sharing of publications. However, getting many followers on Instagram takes time and energy. A follower on Instagram will subscribe to your account because your publications interest him.

 This means that what you post will be sent to your followers’ news and hashtag feeds.  An account with few followers does not inspire confidence: by snowball effect, the more followers your company’s Instagram account has, the more new social media users will be encouraged to follow you by discovering your publications in the Explore tab. 

Thus, buying followers on Instagram is an ideal solution to stand out from the competition and increase the popularity of your business. If your account only has a limited number of followers, buying followers allows you to increase the audience that will read your posts to rank high on Instagram’s discovery feed.

Improve The Growth Of Your Instagram account

There are many benefits that a business can derive from a popular account on Instagram: first, it will develop its brand image. Having a large number of followers will place your brand among the best-known and most important. Followers attract followers, but they have to be active: buying active followers can more easily reach new prospects on this very popular social media. 

Activity and especially responsiveness are important: Instagram’s algorithm takes into account the engagement rate of your community(like, follow, comments, tag, hashtag, and reaction to a story…) and not only the number of likes to decide whether or not to show your publications in your followers’ feed! 

It is worth pointing out that in addition to buying Instagram followers, you can also buy likes, views, and comments on your Instagram posts. An account with thousands of active subscribers has enormous power of influence, like celebrities and new Influencers. According to the online journal Challenges, influencer marketing has increased 87% in just one year!

Buying followers allows you, by rebound effect, to increase the number of visits to your company’s website. You can link to your portal through your profile on Instagram and create hashtags specific to your business or brand to increase your visibility. As such, purchasing followers on Instagram is a more economical and profitable investment than an AdSense campaign.

 Indeed, the latter generally costs 100 or 1,000 times more expensive, for an identical result! With the takeover of Instagram by Facebook, you now have the possibility of converting your subscribers on Instagram to your company’s Facebook account and vice versa, but it will be necessary to put in place a multiplatform strategy to transform your prospects into customers on your networks. 

Social. In this way, you can share your company’s Facebook page with your followers and encourage them to like it: the more a publication “engages” its audience, the more it will be shown in subscribers’ news feeds. So you can start small and reach a bigger and bigger audience! By building the loyalty of a committed community that is growing daily, the impact on your company’s reputation and sales will be more than positive. Eventually, you will see an increase in your turnover.

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