Automated Email To Save Time And Pimp Up Your Communication

Automated email

Automated Email To Save Time And Pimp Up Your Communication

Email showcasing is one of the most impressive advertising switches known today. If it doesn’t date from yesterday, the approach to utilizing it has drastically changed. It is not an issue of relentlessly composing one sending each year to your entire information base. In any case, setting up situations to computerize the sending of designated messages in a contextualized way: is showcasing mechanization.

Another much less difficult option is particular programming outfitted with many customized and computerized email formats. Find the 11 instances of robotized messages in pictures, the prescribed procedures to upgrade your missions in 2022, and the devices to work with their administration and checking!

How Does Automated Email Work?

An automated email or “automatic email” is an email that is sent to your recipients or customers automatically, that is to say, by itself, without you having to do so. You have to schedule the day and time of sending, and your marketing automation software will take care of the rest! Its use allows you to benefit from several significant advantages in your marketing management :

  1. you save time,
  2. you reduce your costs,
  3. you manage to deliver the right message at the right time and to the right person simply and quickly,
  4. you strengthen the relationship with your customers,
  5. you increase your conversion rate and thus your sales, etc.

11 examples Of Automated Emails For Your Marketing Campaigns

The Welcome Email

The welcome Email guides navigation on your site so the user can create an account. This can be done via:

  1. downloading a document,
  2. the continuation of an order or a purchase,
  3. subscription to a newsletter, etc.

Then program the sending of an automated welcome email. A warm and individualized way to make contact while showing the attention you pay to it.

The Order Confirmation Email

Also called transactional Email, the order confirmation email is a must. It allows the customer to ensure that his order or purchase has gone through, but not that:

  1. he can see the summary of his order,
  2. he has an invoice and proof that a transaction has been carried out,
  3. he makes sure that no error has been made,
  4. He can track the shipment and delivery of his package.

The Newsletter Subscription Email

The subscription or confirmation email for the newsletter is essential. It must be personalized in the new member’s name and sent automatically after registration. This will reassure him by showing him that his registration has been considered and that he needs to learn how to deceive the Email given.

The Birthday Email

Do you know your customers’ birthdays? Please give them a gift or offer them an exclusive promotion! A common and always well-received practice that builds customer loyalty over the long term. It may concern :

  1. the client’s birthday,
  2. the anniversary of the client’s registration date (1 year that he is a client).

The Cart Abandonment Email

It is very common for a user to select products in their shopping cart but not proceed to purchase for several reasons:

  1. he forgot to finalize the order,
  2. he is waiting to see if other products will be in stock,
  3. the price finally seemed too expensive to him, etc.

Sending him a reminder email will reactivate his interest in the products and ultimately trigger an act of purchase. You can send up to 3 cart abandonment reminder emails but at very specific times (a few days or even weeks apart) so as not to seem too intrusive. 

The Cross-Selling And Up-Selling Email

Up-selling and cross-selling are very common and popular practices in e-commerce. You can also practice them via Email if they are normally pre-integrated into your e-commerce management solution. They are also called “additional sales” since they aim to promote additional products or special items to those initially ordered.

The Product Launch Email

This automated Email is a great way to promote the launch of a new article. It’s even more effective when tailored to the buying habits and behaviors of the customers who will receive the Email.

The Satisfaction Survey Email

Your customers will be happy to hear from you and even more pleased to hear from you. As a mark of consideration, this Email may take the form:

  1. of a survey,
  2. of an assessment,
  3. an invitation to write a review on the site,
  4. or a satisfaction survey.

It is an excellent way to understand their expectations and meet them better.

The Product Expiration Email

This automatic Email can be very effective if your products or services expire. It may concern :

  1. a subscription that is about to expire,
  2. a software license,
  3. a promotion that is about to end, etc.

Define a precise deadline before expiry (1 month in advance, for example), and automate the Email sending by warning the customer of the expiry approach while offering to renew his experience. So everyone’s a winner!

The One-Time Promotion Email

Also, automatically, you can send a personalized email accompanied by promotions or special offers on very specific dates. It may concern :

  1. holidays (Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc.),
  2. commercial events (Black Friday), etc.

Email For Inactive Customers

It happens (faster than you might think) to lose a customer. He may no longer give any sign of life overnight for no apparent reason. If you still have his contact details in your database, it is appropriate to send him a trigger email (to remind him of your existence).  Define a specific period of inactivity after which the Email is sent. You can then automate the Email and offer them a discount or a free product to encourage their purchase.

Best Practices To Follow For Effective Automated Emails

Segment Your Contacts To Convert Better.

Your email campaigns will be more impactful and effective if adapted to customer behaviors and needs. Thus, segmenting your data and contacts is advisable for setting up tailor-made automatic emails. The advantages of marketing targeting are numerous on both sides:

  1. the customer is satisfied to receive emails adapted to his needs; this will increase his interest in your products and, therefore, your brand and thus promote his loyalty,
  2. your emails record higher opening rates; your website will also record an increased visit rate.

Adopt AB Testing

As part of emailing campaigns, AB testing consists of sending your customers and prospects two versions (content, design, tone, etc.) of your newsletter or emails to see which works best. Be careful, though. For an AB test to be statistically representative enough, it must be sent to 2 similar samples (equal number of subscribers) and large enough.

Evaluate The Impact Of Your Emails via KPIs

But that’s not all. After your tests, you must analyze the results through marketing KPIs. The most relevant performance indicators in the context of emailing campaigns are:

  1. The opening rate: how many opened your Email;
  2. The click rate: how many clicked on one of the CTAs (call to action);
  3. Unsubscribe rate: how many unsubscribed or “spammed” your account;
  4. And the conversion rate: the percentage of prospects who turned into customers.

Equip Yourself With Suitable Emailing Software

The automation of your emailing campaigns is considerably facilitated by specialized software. Indeed, emailing software is very effective for creating, sending, and monitoring emails, all in a centralized and intuitive way. Iroquois, for example, supports you in optimizing and monitoring your entire multichannel customer relationship (emailing, SMS, and push notification) via its ergonomic and very easy-to-use solution, PoWoW. A true turnkey solution, it provides advanced and 100% customizable mailing features:

  1. Adjust your automatic scenarios for all your emails according to your needs: the welcome Email abandoned cart, etc.;
  2. take advantage of many ready-to-use and customizable email templates;
  3. Do AB/testing directly from the platform;
  4. Evaluate the performance of your emails via visual and clear dashboards and much more!

Automated Email In A Nutshell

As you will have understood, an automated email is a real performance and productivity lever for companies. Regardless of the sector in which you are positioned, the automation of your email campaigns is a lever that should be noticed!

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