Artificial Intelligence (AI): Tools To Enhance Your Content


Artificial Intelligence (AI): Tools To Enhance Your Content

AI is now on all content creators’ keyboards. Far from being able to replace the human eye and hand, it nevertheless makes it possible to assist in the creative process. Increasingly sophisticated, artificial intelligence tools have taken a significant place in the market for innovative support tools. Focus on these new intelligent creation engines!

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

With the advent of computers and new technologies, the question has been asked for decades: can machines think? For the moment, the answer is clear: no! As powerful as it is, artificial intelligence remains imitating human intelligence. Nevertheless, T’s technology makes it possible to carry out tasks without human assistance. 

This computational feat is possible thanks to machine learning processes. The machine learns as it comes into contact with the information, which it then uses to create content autonomously in a few minutes or seconds. Artificial intelligence has gradually become more widespread and has entered our daily professional lives to assist us in creating textual or visual content. 

The few initial beginnings have given way to breathtaking content-generation tools! From now on, AI content generation tools are accessible on the internet to any content creator who wishes to use them. Many companies and start-ups often make their research results available via SaaS.

What Is The Benefit Of Using AI Content Generation Tools?

The benefits are numerous, beyond AI’s wow effect on content generation. Creating content with artificial intelligence, above all, saves time and therefore optimizes productivity. Content with low added value is mainly targeted. Still, the learning of artificial intelligence is becoming such that the targeted and relevant content, which Google is so fond of, can begin to be generated this way. 

Beyond the blog article, we find copy written texts for advertisements on social networks, for example, with striking words. Artificial intelligence continues to surprise us, and progress is very rapid! Texts generated by artificial intelligence allow you to position yourself on the first pages of Google results or even the first page. The AI ​​will optimize your textual content on a query, and thus, you will be able to see it in a good position on the SERP. 

You can also generate unique content without the risk of duplicate content. For website publishers, artificial intelligence has shaken up work habits and reduced the time and cost of content creation. The limits remain even if the advantages of saving time and productivity are apparent. At the moment, human verification and proofreading after generation are still required. 

They make it possible to correct errors, absurdities, or sentences that could create controversy, for example. In addition, learning is costly for the companies that develop the tools, and some need to be more up-to-date with their data. Now, let’s see how to use artificial intelligence to enhance your content creations! Here are the most advanced tools on the market.

The Best AI Tools For Generating Text

Although images and video have taken an essential place in the consumption of content by Internet users, text remains the preferred means of disseminating information. The creation of content by a company always begins with the text: blog articles, website pages, white papers, case studies, etc. Here are three tools that can help you create your text content.

Writesonic is a powerful text generation tool powered by GPT-3. It generates an introduction, an outline, and an entire blog article from a keyword. It is available in India, and you can test it for free without entering your bank details. You have 6,250 good-quality words monthly in freemium (or 2,500 premium quality). In other words, you have superior packages with prices known to be affordable.

You can also create social media ads with catchy, impactful headlines that convert users. In one click, you can also directly import the content into WordPress, saving you time. Writesonic’s writing is excellent; you will only have to do a minor editing. Writesonic is primarily aimed at marketing teams and freelancers who work in writing, SEO, or website editing. The interface is easy to use, intuitive, and straightforward.

 It has yet to be the leader, but it is in a perfect place thanks to its features and freemium plan. After Writesonic, Jasper is among the text generation’s most used AI tools. It is generally similar to its competitor, except that it does not offer any free content offers. You will, therefore, have to pay for a subscription, or at least give your bank details for a trial, to be then able to benefit from the power of Jasper’s artificial intelligence.

The range of content that Jasper can create is as impressive as its competitors: generate blog articles, posts for social networks, emails, photo captions for Instagram, etc. The quality of writing is just as good, and all professionals with writing needs in a marketing context will find what they are looking for.

Jasper also offers semantic optimization of the generated text for effective referencing of your content by indicating the query on which you wish to position yourself. This is SurferSEO. You thus obtain a score out of 100, which determines the level of text optimization. Perfect for good visibility! WriteCream is very similar to the other two tools in the possibilities it offers. The quality of the writing is, however, slightly lower, and you will undoubtedly have to go over a few sentences to clarify them or even delete them when they do not add value to your text. 

The best thing about WriteCream is that it is frequently found at an unbeatable price on deal platforms. A lifetime plan is available for €49. It will give you access to the complete platform and tokens to generate monthly texts. The other advantage of WriteCream over its competitors is that it offers two templates for copywriting structures: AIDA and PAS. Perfect for generating landing pages or conversion emails!

The Best AI Tools To Create Images From Keywords

Are you amazed by the quality of the texts generated by artificial intelligence? You have yet to see the images! The accessibility of image-creation tools has become such that many Internet users are beginning to worry about distinguishing false information from real ones. The pictures created are, in fact, breathtakingly realistic! You type in a keyword or a series of simple keywords and have a picture in seconds! Let’s take a look at the possibilities available to you today.

When discussing image generation using artificial intelligence, Dall-E is never far away! This is the benchmark for generating images from a text query. Developed by OpenAI, the company that also developed GPT-3, DALL-E has two versions. The first, DALL-E 1, is now accessible with monthly credits to supplement purchases.

Image generation with DALL-E is impressive: the tool takes a few seconds to offer you several images based on the keywords you give it. Simply stunning in its realism! You can use the photos thus generated, but it is good practice to indicate their origin, especially since legal uncertainty still hangs over the ownership of images created by artificial intelligence. 

Once generated, you can download your photo image, edit it, store it in your folders on the platform (your collections), and share it. Every content creator knows Canva! The alternative to design tools that are difficult to use when you are not a designer allows you to create visuals quickly by dragging and dropping elements and organizing them intuitively. 

The platform now allows you to promptly generate images with its “Text to Image” tool, which you will find in the options on the left of your screen. You can generate drawings or photos by describing your wish in a few words. Text to Image will then offer you four images after a few tens of seconds. If you are satisfied, you can directly integrate them into your design. Otherwise, you can report the lag between your request and generation to feed machine learning. 

The tool is developed using the open-source Stable Diffusion software. Its technology is based on the human neural system: it analyzes and makes links between millions of photos to understand which word the Image belongs to. Filters were then applied to avoid the generation of distracting or shocking images. You can access the tool even through the accessible version of Canva, with a limit of 100 images generated daily.

The Best AI Tools For Generating Videos

The generation of texts is astonishing, and those images are impressive. Let’s put it all in motion with video generation with artificial intelligence! Serving your marketing needs, video generation has also leaped forward in recent years to offer advanced tools. Let’s take an overview of the best platforms available.

Put away your camera, microphone, and video setup! For example, you will no longer need to film your employees to make videos presenting your company. Artificial intelligence takes care of it for you. Synthesia allows you to choose a character from around fifty avatars from all backgrounds, colors, or genders. If none are suitable, you can request to create your avatar. Then, you must type, copy, and paste the script, and your avatar comes to life!

You can change several video settings, like background color and adding shapes or music. The possibilities are great; you can generate impressively realistic videos for your website or internal communication. Several templates are available, and the tool detects more than 50 languages. Synthesia has become essential for marketing teams who want to harness the power of video without the hassle of filming. 

We know that when a web page has a video, Google appreciates it, and its algorithm pushes the page into the search results. Do you want to generate videos automatically to improve the SEO of your blog articles? Lumen5 is made for you! The generated videos will also perfectly accompany social media posts or advertisements. The tool creates a video from a bank of images and videos to make it consistent with your provided text. 

The result is of excellent quality, and the tool will also allow you to benefit from a library of themes. The first price is correct, starting at $19/month for a maximum export resolution of 720p, which is sufficient for solopreneur use. With PlayPlay, you generate dynamic content in just a few minutes on one of your chosen templates. Whether for social networks, video content for marketing purposes, or internal communication, the tool allows you to create a video in just a few moments without any knowledge of video editing. 

We know that editing a video can take several hours, even when it only involves assembling images and superimposing ours. If your job isn’t editing videos, there’s no point spending all that time on it! From €160 per month, you benefit from a powerful tool you can use wherever the video is relevant: advertising on networks, websites, etc.


Artificial intelligence has long been seen as a fad of computer engineers dreaming of a robotic future. This future is now accessible with increasingly efficient generation tools. They are now helping us effectively in our content creation work. Integrating them saves considerable time and allows you to go faster and further. And you? When do you get started?

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