Apple Could Launch More Expensive “Ultra” iPhone In 2024


Apple Could Launch More Expensive “Ultra” iPhone In 2024

Consumers who are fans of Smartphones developed by Apple are ready to spend more money to have the best product. And this, the Apple brand knows very well. It is also considering launching a more expensive iPhone in 2024. What do we know about this “Ultra” model? Find some answers in this article!

During Apple’s earnings call, its CEO Tim Cook announced the possibility for the brand to launch more expensive iPhones. And shortly. The current leader of the American technology giant is convinced of one thing: consumers will not hesitate to put their hands in their pockets if it is worth it. Approximately 900 million people worldwide use an iPhone daily, which is far from negligible.

The Most Expensive iPhone Ever!

In addition to its iPhone Pro and Pro Max, the Cupertino company should consider offering its customers a new, more premium range. And it could land with the iPhone 16. These “Ultra” iPhones would be available from 2024 at a price well above the Pro Max models. Remember that the iPhone 14 Pro Max is offered at 1099 dollars in the USA!

We expect a powerful smartphone equipped with the best features at this price. Indeed, the device should be able to satisfy the most demanding users. As of now, not much is known about these features, but rumor has it that Apple’s Ultra model will get a lot of improvements over the current models.

A smartphone Ahead Of Its Time

The American manufacturer will ensure that its new top-of-the-range model is the most advanced on the market. For this, the iPhone Ultra would integrate the following:

  1. A larger screen allows users to enjoy more of an immersive experience. What’s more, playing a video game, watching a film or a series on a large screen is always more enjoyable.
  2. A design that may be a little different from what Apple usually suggests to users
  3. A battery that lasts longer and can withstand several hours of connection without flinching
  4. Better cameras will certainly be more efficient (possibility of making 4K videos). As far as sensors are concerned, it is difficult to predict exactly how many Smartphones will have. However, according to rumors, the latter would carry at least 4 sensors.
  5. A better processor will be faster (according to rumors, the iPhone Ultra would be powered by an A18 chip). Thanks to the phenomenal power of this chip, the most complex tasks can be handled in record time, and the device should be able to run several applications without problems.
  6. Sturdier materials (the iPhone Ultra will likely sport a titanium body). To this end, the device will offer greater resistance to small incidents that may occur daily. It can be a shock, a small fall, or a small splash.

The device would also not feature a charging port as it will incorporate wireless charging technology. It could also be that there is neither USB-C nor Lightning. In short, it will be 100% wireless connectivity. The approach adopted by Apple is quite identical to that of its competitor Samsung. But unlike the South Korean firm, the Apple brand is currently thinking of something other than building a foldable iPhone. On the other hand, it is not excluded that we can soon find this technology on an iPad, for example.

What About Security?

When it comes to the aspect of security, the iPhone Ultra should include enhanced features. So that users can easily unlock their Smartphones. For example, the device would include a fingerprint sensor. Moreover, since the security of private data is one of the concerns of the Apple brand, we can assume that the iPhone Ultra will benefit from very advanced encryption technology. In this way, user data will be better protected against the actions of certain malicious people.

A Smartphone Designed To Last Over Time

If there’s one thing smartphone users fear the most, it’s having an outdated device that can’t run the latest apps. With the iPhone Ultra, there is no risk of this kind of problem occurring. You won’t have to worry about this since this phone will still be able to run the applications that will be released in the coming year

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