AI Writing: Everything You Need To Know

AI Writing

AI Writing: Everything You Need To Know

Websites need to be updated regularly to gain visibility on the web. Writing content for the web is, for some people, a real passion. But sometimes, no matter how much we love writing or editing, we can be too lazy to write an article of several hundred words. Today, AI Writing is a rather attractive alternative to human writing that allows you to write SEO-optimized content in just a few seconds. What do you need to know about this new editorial practice?

AI Writing: A Real Revolution In The SEO Content Creation Sector

Many sectors of activity are increasingly concerned by artificial intelligence. Some SEO agencies are already experiencing this. Launched a few years ago, AI Writing seems to be on the rise. This is an algorithm that helps generate SEO recommendations. After analyzing Google’s search results and those of competitors, the algorithm makes relevant suggestions that will allow you to create content that complies with SEO recommendations. 

AI Writing is also based on Natural Language Processing. NPL models are AI technologies with a high capacity for understanding and generating content automatically. Launched by the company Open AI, GPT-3 technology is today one of the most powerful artificial intelligence for understanding and generating languages. It is an AI capable of quickly analyzing information directly linked to a keyword. 

Once the analyses are done, GPT-3 must use the algorithm’s recommendations to automatically create content. In general, the recommendations made by this artificial intelligence concern:

  1. research intentions;
  2. some questions frequently asked by visitors;
  3. the topics that competitors cover the most.

These are recommendations that SEO writers need to write content that meets natural SEO requirements. The only difference here is that a program will use them to generate the same type of content.

Get Content Ideas For Each Part Of An Article

Intelligent text generation tools generally have several features. Thanks to the “Title” option, you can easily capture readers’ attention. The tool automatically creates a unique, impactful H1 inspired by the H1s of the main competitors on the same keyword. With the “Intro” functionality available in most software using AI Writing, you can produce an SEO-optimized introduction. Click on the “Intro” button to obtain a small contextualized content of several characters depending on your H1 or the following Hn. 

Thanks to the “Outline” functionality, the tool can also suggest all the other Hn of the article. To do this, AI writing is based on the in-depth analysis of competitors’ content that is well positioned on a keyword. Finally, tools integrating this technology have the Topics functionality, which allows you to provide the other parts of the body of the article.

The Main Benefits Of AI Writing

AI Writing mainly meets the needs of different categories of SEO professionals: content managers, editors, and CEOs. The most significant advantage of this technology is the considerable time-saving. Indeed, with computer-assisted content writing, the end of blank page syndrome! The editor now has the opportunity to speed up his text creation process. It is a technology that gives writers the right avenues to approach writing topics. 

It also provides the same leads to the machine that intelligently generates texts of relative quality quickly. Saving time is not the only advantage of AI Writing. Thanks to this artificial intelligence, the user can know with certainty the subject on which their content should be positioned in order to be well positioned on the SERP. After generating the content, he can make corrections to obtain a useful and qualitative text. From an SEO point of view, AI Writing is, therefore, very advantageous. 

However, it should be noted that human intervention will always be necessary after content generation.For the content manager, this technology adds value to their job. Indeed, content managers have objectives to achieve in terms of performance. For example, they must ensure that the content of the sites they administer is positioned in the results pages and generates traffic in the short term. In general, all suggestions that artificial intelligence makes follow recommendations directly related to SEO optimization. This is what allows content managers to be sure of the quality of the content on their sites.

Does AI Writing Have Any Drawbacks?

Despite the advantages of AI Writing, it must be admitted that it has some shortcomings. Many companies that have switched to this technology have complained about the quality of the content generated. Some tools that integrate AI writing offer content full of spelling errors. Sometimes, some software requires a context sentence that the human enters to be human before generating the text. 

Still, other times, we must add product names relating to the text to be created so that the AI ​​better understands what the content should be about. Furthermore, depending on the keywords used, irregular results are sometimes obtained. Sentences may seem grammatically incomplete and incorrect. There may also be a high rate of duplicate content. Furthermore, generally speaking, these are paid tools. Some are expensive and don’t have a freemium version to test.

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