A Professional Email Marketing Software Solution For Campaigns

Email Marketing software

A Professional Email Marketing Software Solution For Campaigns

With the advent of social networks, many predict the end of email and Email Marketing software. But think again! Email Marketing is still an essential lever for your marketing strategy, with numerous advantages. Indeed, it remains a powerful prospecting tool that allows you, among other things, to obtain new customers and retain those you already have, but also to promote your business, improve your referencing for search engines (SEO), drive traffic to your website and of course increase your sales! 

To optimize your email marketing campaigns, it is recommended to use emailing software. So why pro software? And how to choose it among the many offers on the net? This article is here to enlighten you on the subject!

Why Choose Email Marketing Software?

Emailing software is a solution that will allow you to optimize your mass marketing email campaigns. That is to say that it is mainly aimed at companies with a substantial customer database. And yes, beyond 500 customers, sending emails via your personal mailbox becomes no longer manageable! In particular, you risk being quickly considered a spammer and seeing all your emails filed. 

Using emailing software is, therefore, not a luxury but a necessity when your business begins to grow. You should know that many providers on the net offer the possibility of managing your emailing production from A to Z; these are “full service” software. They are very popular with companies wishing to focus more on the core of their business—examples: Cabestan, Abmail, Dolist.net, Experian, etc. 

Send them your database, and they will manage your emails according to your instructions. You will benefit from significant technical expertise. However, this solution is attractive only in the case of specific operations (purchase of database, for example) and remains much more expensive than the “self-service”. The “self-service” emailing software allows you to manage your campaigns and database independently. 

You can then use it by working everything yourself, your newsletters, your subscribers, etc. A solution that can quickly become very profitable when sending large quantities of emails and can become a fundamental tool to increase your ROI. However, this “self-service” software only manages the email distribution process (the rest is up to the company), requiring a certain level of expertise!

The Advantages Of Email Marketing Software

Time-saving: It allows you to quickly and easily manage your campaigns and database. Automation: Is your database substantial? Such software will allow you to automate the sending of your emails, resume your previous settings, and sometimes act as an auto-responder.

Increase the sending rate by avoiding being filed: If you send many of your emails via your server or your computer, you risk being on the “blocklist” and seeing your IP address and even your domain be considered spammers. 

Using professional emailing software avoids this type of problem. Promotes customer relations: Emailing software also allows you to develop a relationship of trust between you and users. Thus, they can give analytical statistics and inform about the actions performed by the subscribers of a list.

How To Choose Your Paid Email Marketing Software?

I recommend that you use emailing software from 100 contacts, but this solution becomes essential from 500/1000 contacts! You can choose a free solution for your beginnings, but this is not very advisable because when you go to a paying solution, you will have to import your database, and in this case, your contacts will have to validate this transfer. This can make you lose supporters. Here are some examples of some of the most competitive paid emailing software to give you an idea of ​​what’s out there:


Leading emailing software in the United States, it is the first auto-responder bloggers use to create and manage their mailing lists. It is very affordable, efficient and easy to use. The difference between “medium and enormous data sets” is a decent split. Regarding prices, when you are a new customer, you can test the software for $1 the first month and then $19 the following months. 

In addition, the software offers you real-time statistics of what your subscribers do after receiving your emails. You can then distinguish those who only read them, those who click on your links or those who make purchases. However, if you don’t have a basic knowledge of English, it’s immediately more difficult for you to get to grips with Aweber…


Weber’s direct competitor, this software is in French! In particular, it allows you to manage your lists with editing interfaces for each contact list; it facilitates the collection of contacts even via Facebook. It offers different follow-up options for subscribers who have not yet confirmed their subscriptions. Moreover, you can test it for free. The paid version then costs between 19 and 147 euros per month.


Software, also in French, has many advantages that overlap with those mentioned above. It makes sending your video or audio emails even more effortless. It also has functions related to social networks and iPhones and very efficiently manages extensive databases.

Cyber Mailing

To use this Email Marketing software, you must install a code on your website to make your form online. In addition, you are offered a free training video to learn how to use it, as well as a 30-day free trial. For 15.95 euros, you can have 10,000 subscribers; for every 10,000 new contacts, you only pay an additional 7.95 euros.


This one is in English, but easy to use and rather advantageous in terms of prices compared to the competition. Its functionalities are close to Aweber and can be an alternative solution. Count $14 for the first 500 subscribers and $32 for 2500.


Software also in English. It is free for the first 60 days, with an affordable paid version. Ideal for SMEs.


This software, usable in India, allows the unlimited sending of emails. However, its prices are higher than the average: 35 euros per month. It is, therefore, more suitable for regular emailing campaigns. You have to make it profitable! Please note that this software is not yet available on Mac, but a version is currently being programmed.

Some (More Or Less) Free Solutions For Beginners

Of course, you have to start somewhere! If you have just started and put your website online, you have few or no subscribers in your database, and to reach the first 500/1000 subscribers, you will need time. So for your emails, it is wiser to choose a free or inexpensive solution that suits your abilities. Now, it all depends on your ambitions! It’s not an obligation. However, I still recommend choosing professional emailing software from the start.

Here Are Some Examples Of “Free” Software

MailChimp is free of charge in its “entrepreneur” version for up to 2,000 subscribers, with 12,000 emails per month. Then, a paid version is available from $30 per month for more than 2000 subscribers. Prices change according to the number of subscribers, but monthly emails remain unlimited between 2,000 and 50,000 subscribers. It is an optimal software that has many advantages:

  1. Easy segmentation.
  2. Reporting tools are available for a better analysis of the performance of your campaigns.
  3. Dozens of models are available.
  4. Connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts to post your movements automatically.

It is otherwise called a portable web application.


This software offers a free version of up to 300 monthly emails. You can also send 9,000 emails only for $1/month, provided you have less than 3,000 subscribers.


This software is mainly paying, but it offers a free version with the counterpart of sending advertisements with your emails. It is easy to use and very intuitive but is not compatible with the “Woo” e-commerce module under WordPress (except with the API).


Another type of Email Marketing software. This one is not free but is available in a completely downloadable version (free update) for 300 euros without an additional subscription to pay. However, it offers optional paid services, such as 6-month access to the target SMTP server for 75 euros (renewal is not automatic) and a routing service with no sending limit.

This set of software is, of course, only a tiny preview of the dozens of possible web solutions for your emailing campaigns. It’s up to you to choose according to your objectives, abilities and budget! The rates are variable, starting at around 90 euros per month and climbing up to 40,000 or more…

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