A.I. Artificial Intelligence: Understand What It Is And Where To Use It

Artificial Intelligence: Understand What It Is And Where To Use It

A.I. Artificial Intelligence: Understand What It Is And Where To Use It

With each passing day, a.i. artificial intelligence gets closer and closer to us. This area of ​​computer science receives colossal investment, both from government foundations supporting research and from tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

It is already part of many people’s daily lives, but most of them do not know how to identify it very well. Technology has evolved so much that sometimes we don’t realize it properly. Many things we do depend on the knowledge and reasoning of our digital friends. Want to understand all this better? Check out!

What Is A.I. Artificial Intelligence?

Several books in this area define “artificial intelligence” as something that can analyze its environment and perform actions that consider this environment and its characteristics, thus maximizing its chances of achieving a specific goal.

This kind of analysis followed by action is what we human beings do: to see if we can cross the street, we look both ways. If we want to buy a product, we look at reviews and compare prices. To decide if we are going to eat something, we look at the food aspect and compare it with our experiences and the experiences of people we trust. This type of analysis is essential for any decision-making. Therefore, this area of ​​study seeks to create algorithms that can simulate how we analyze our context and act based on it.

Of course, what counts as an “environment” varies by application. For example, in the case of automatic cars, this environment is the real world. In games, it is the virtual environment in which they are inserted. On online shopping sites, it is users’ purchase history. All artificial intelligence is adapted to its environment to use the available data in the best possible way.

In the past, implementing artificial intelligence was complicated. Usually, this involved developing it from scratch, considering the specifics of the application, and it involved implementing all the decision trees. In games, for example, this meant that AIs ended up being very simple, performing direct and predictable actions due to this difficulty of implementation and the limits of computers. To increase the game’s difficulty, the developers often allowed them to “cheat,” becoming stronger than a player could become.

What Varieties Are there? 

Although many artificial bits of intelligence are still developed for a specific application, others are generic and have a wide range of possible applications, which can be easily adapted to each of them and easily integrated.

Neural Networks

Neural networks are systems that simulate the functioning of the human brain from a biological point of view. The algorithm implements objects that simulate neurons, presenting inputs and outputs and connecting them. These neurons are first trained using test cases whose outputs are known. From the patterns they discover in this training, they can generate outputs based on information entered into them.

Natural Language Processing

To make the interaction between a person and artificial intelligence more human and intuitive, the area of ​​natural language processing studies how to create algorithms that can interpret speech and texts made by people and generate a response from that. For example, something significant for voice assistants, like Alexa and Siri.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the area that receives the most investments today. Especially from large technology companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. It consists of developing algorithms that can establish relationships between inputs. And outputs and thus learn to act autonomously based on its inputs. It is widespread to use with neural networks, but it also presents other types of approaches.

Deep learning ( deep learning ) is a sub-area of ​​machine learning, also very famous. Aiming to optimize machine learning to deal with large amounts of data. It requires powerful machines and robust algorithms to act effectively, but it generates excellent results. It is the critical part of Torch, a machine learning tool developed by Facebook.

Where Can I Use A.I. Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has emerged to make our lives easier. It makes it easier to find a way to automate processes that once required a person because they involved pattern recognition and decision making. It’s a tool, and like any tool, it’s essential to know where and how to use it.

Its most significant difficulty is the issue of implementation. It is a technology that is on the rise, so there are a lot of professionals specializing in it, but it also tends to be expensive for the same reason. Applications that require a lot of data may need a lot of processing. For example, you need to assess whether this investment would make sense in your company.

The main application of artificial intelligence today is in data analysis. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have a massive amount of data entered by their users. To improve the product offering and the quality of the ads shown to their users, they analyze all this data to find patterns and discover what users like.

Another application is in the security area. Several modern cameras will train to detect motion and people and faces using recent advances in computer vision. As soon as something or someone will detect, they start recording and sending data to their owner via the internet. Smart homes make a lot of use of it too. Using data shared via the Internet of Things, home devices learn your habits and are ready to do what you need before you ask.

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