5 Benefits Of Using Productivity Tools In Your Business

5 Benefits Of Using Productivity Tools In Your Business

5 Benefits Of Using Productivity Tools In Your Business

Business: Thinking that spending hours in the office means increased productivity is a mistake. There are examples, in different parts of the world, of companies that have reduced their working hours yet managed to raise the performance of their employees.

This is possible due to numerous factors. A good working environment, team engagement, aligned management of various sectors and, in recent years, the use of productivity tools. 

They are widely used, above all, to perform frequent tasks. In addition to the gain in production, the company can take advantage of an employee’s talent in other functions that are more relevant to the Business.

Productivity Tools An Ancient Story

Today, people soon imagine modern software to perform various tasks when it comes to productivity tools in the corporate environment. They are right, but it is far from new.

Since cave times, men and women have created tools that could make everyday work more accessible. As a result, they had more time to look for food and, above all, to protect themselves from other threats.

Over the centuries, this process continued to be passed from one generation to the next. From the domestication of the horse to the invention of the smartphone, all these innovations had only one goal: increased productivity.

Work Wherever You Want In Business

Technology has forever changed our working relationships. With the pandemic’s beginning, the need for heavy investments in broadband and new technologies such as 5G became even more evident.

Many employees had stated that even remotely, they can produce as much or more than when they were in the office. The good news is that there are currently several free tools to increase the productivity of those at the home office. Google Workspace, Slack, Asana, Whereby, Microsoft 365, and many others exist. 

Among all productivity tools, the most complete and popular is CRM. After all, this type of software can integrate with numerous systems. Below are five benefits of using productivity tools such as CRM in your Business.

1 – An Increased Collaboration Between Teams

Whether a large company or a small business, it’s widespread that teams have difficulties aligning objectives in specific projects. Therefore, an integrated messaging application is available in some productivity tools, including CRM. Thus, with the same software, employees can talk to each other without needing to access another system or download another application.

2- All In One System

Concentrating diverse work information and customers in a single system is undoubtedly one of the main benefits of productivity tools. Each employee produced a report in the past, and it was complicated to synchronize all this data. 

They got lost in different email accounts and software, for example. Today, these systems can store this information much more quickly and in an integrated manner. Furthermore, members of different teams have immediate access to this data and can consult it wherever and whenever they want. This, of course, with access permissions that also guarantee the security and integrity of the information.

3 – Marketing Automation

Anyone who manages online businesses, especially e-commerce stores, knows customers are looking for news 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is essential to keep communication active every week.

A CRM serves, for example, to integrate with marketing automation platforms. These productivity tools are widely used to send messages tailored to a specific audience.

In addition, they are even used for sales prospecting. If a customer goes to an online store, chooses a product and puts it in the cart, but for some reason gives up on the offer, CRM can help convert that sale.

Just program the marketing automation platform to email the customer as soon as this happens. The content can inform some promotion or remind the consumer to confirm the purchase. 

This process, all automatic, in addition to saving time, allows the return of up to 10% of customers. A very expressive number if you consider that the customer had already canceled the purchase.

4 – Automated Service Business

With so many messaging apps available, the volume of interactions between people and businesses has skyrocketed. This has led companies like Facebook to create unique solutions for the market, such as WhatsApp Business, an exclusive version of the app for entrepreneurs.

Unlike a telephone exchange, where there will define hours for service, this customer support must occur uninterruptedly on the Internet. For the company to gain productivity, it can focus on solutions such as integrating a CRM and WhatsApp Business.

One of the benefits of this strategy is the use of ready-made WhatsApp messages. With them, it is possible to program welcome content, answer frequently asked questions and even assist in scheduling some services, such as medical appointments or appointments at a beauty salon.

This integration also allows the company to have a WhatsApp Business account with multiple users. In this way, through the same number, it will enable several employees to serve customers. Being an excellent way to provide good service and still ensure the high productivity of the team.

A good solution is creating a chatbot for companies that want to serve more effectively in service but without investing in human resources. Simple to program, these virtual assistants can help thousands of people simultaneously and will increasingly advancing.

Google is also investing in voice assistants, which can perfectly reproduce the work of a human being. Shortly, this device will be accessible to the entire market.

5 – Most Satisfied Customers

Productivity tools will design to help companies perform processes more effectively. On the other hand, it has a positive effect on customer perception. When a company keeps its deadlines on time and promptly delivers what it promises, customers are likely will satisfy with it.

So the benefits of productivity tools go beyond employees working harder and better and resource savings. They play a crucial role in promoting a positive customer experience.

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